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China proposes importing agricultural products in exchange for US deferred taxation

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The US “Political News” website quoted a person familiar with the matter on September 6th. During this week’s call, Chinese and US officials proposed to import US agricultural products in an appropriate amount, hoping to exchange US restrictions on exports to Huawei, and delaying the October 250 to 250 billion. Tariffs imposed on US dollar goods.

Politico reported that President Trump will consider postponing the tariffs imposed on December 15th, depending on the progress of the negotiations, involving almost all remaining Chinese imports, including laptops. , smartphones and other consumer goods.

According to people familiar with the matter, political donors and executives of major companies such as Wal-Mart urged Trump two weeks ago to abandon tariffs in December, saying it would hit consumers hard.

The new round of trade negotiations between China and the United States is expected to be held in October, and both countries expressed their desire to make meaningful progress. White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on the 6th that trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had talked with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on the 4th, which was generally good.

On the same day, Kudlow met with the media outside the White House, saying that even though the United States and China negotiated trade and intellectual property issues for 18 months, 18 months is not long because of the weight of the agreement, the level of involvement and the impact on the world. . He pointed out that the risk of negotiating content is very high, so it is necessary to ensure that everything is correct, and that the United States and the former Soviet Union broke out in the cold war, saying that if it is necessary to spend 10 years of negotiations, everyone must accept.

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