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In the face of the need to postpone the Brexit Johnson, there is still a way to “never die?”

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The British Parliament once again vetoed Prime Minister Johnson’s early general election on September 9, and the royal family has signed to prevent the non-agreement of the Brexit Act from entering into force. Johnson seems to be able to extend the Brexit to the EU as required by the bill.

But Johnson insists that he is rather unyielding. What other methods does he have to reverse this situation that will almost certainly delay the Brexit?

Ignore everything for Brexit

In theory, Johnson can ignore all of this and insist on not sending a letter to the EU. But this is equivalent to breaking the law, which will lead to a constitutional storm. Johnson can also be impeached to step down, sent to court and even imprisoned. The “Prime Minister’s offense” will seriously affect the Conservative Party and the British international reputation. It seems that Johnson’s death from hard Brexit is not very valuable.

In the letter, I asked the EU to veto

As reported in the British “Telecommunications”, Johnson can give a letter to the EU. In the middle of the hand, such as “request for extension but do not provide any reason” or “add a letter to write please ignore the extension request”.

But this method is also not very clever, and EU member states will obviously feel that they have been “played a turn” in the UK. The letter will also have a blow to the UK’s international reputation. And this method does not necessarily allow Johnson to evade legal responsibility, Johnson can still be sent to court.

Joint EU countries vote against blacklisting to delay

Although there has not been much discussion, the EU’s actual “does not” 100% today will definitely delay the departure of the UK. For example, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on the 7th that the United Kingdom must give a reasonable reason, and France will vote in favor of the extension.

This means that the EU member states can actually prevent the United Kingdom from postponing the Brexit. Therefore, as long as the United Kingdom joins enough countries, deliberately voting against it will enable the UK to successfully break the European Union. However, the issue of such a vote against this will fall on the initiative to join the United Kingdom, the EU part, such as Ireland, strongly opposes the British hard-off Bream, which will undoubtedly damage the relationship between these countries and Ireland.

Amend the law to change FTPA to force the dissolution of Congress

The British Prime Minister cannot arbitrarily dissolve the Congress. “The election is a general election.” This is because the British Congressional Congress Act (FTPA) stipulates that the dissolution of Congress must be supported by two-thirds of the members.

Since this parliamentary law was passed in 2011, Johnson can propose amendments and lift restrictions. The threshold for the revision of the law is only half of the Congress, which is much easier than the direct dissolution. But according to the current situation, whether Johnson can get more than half of Congressional support is also a problem.

I have resigned a lot: but this does not solve the problem.

Resignation can evade the burden, and some political responsibilities can be removed, but this cannot solve the problem. The opposition party can set up a caretaker government after Johnson resigns, and then ask the EU to postpone the Brexit. As far as the results are concerned, it is just to avoid putting “deferred stigma” on your own hands.

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