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Bolton disappeared Trump diplomacy can be easier to “Make a Deal”?

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Trump fired national security adviser John Bolton on September 10. Bolton is a famous “super hawk” figure in American politics. His departure is believed to have an impact on US foreign policy. Trump will be able to more easily display his “art of negotiation” and reach more agreements, but at the same time make US diplomacy more unpredictable and difficult to touch.

Trump claims to have a set of negotiating art. He has made several feats since he took office, including launching a global trade war, expanding Sino-US friction, unilaterally withdrawing from the China-Israel Treaty, and unilaterally withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement.

At the same time, Trump was the first incumbent president to meet with North Korean leaders, looking for a good relationship with Russia, pushing the Afghan president and the Taliban to talk in peace, and inviting the Taliban to visit the United States on the eve of September 11. Trump’s breakthrough broke the United States. The conventional diplomatic approach has also surprised the international community.

Bolton’s best warfare hawk

In fact, there are opinions that Trump can do more. Former President Obama’s adviser, think tank International Crisis Group (ICG) representative Robert Malley said that Trump has two voices: one is to recommend diplomacy and the other is to recommend war. “Bolton has left, and I believe that the United States and Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea and Venezuela will create new diplomatic opportunities.”

Bolton is a representative of the hard-line hawks of the United States. He has shown his militant character since the time of the Little Bush. Including the claim to attack Iraq and overthrow Saddam’s regime; and advocate to punish North Korea in a strict manner. In the recent tensions between the United States and Iraq, Bolton also played an important role, including encouraging the war to respond to Iran’s shooting down of US military drones.

This is clearly different from Trump’s way of doing things. Trump does not deliberately play cards, but does not deliberately push things to the extreme. To be more precise, Trump loves to negotiate with the “Lang Mawei” method, then bargain with the opponent and reach an agreement. Trump is not really militant.

Clear the biggest obstacles more freely

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei praised the expulsion of Bolton. He posted on social networking sites, saying that Bolton had threatened him that Iran would disappear within three months, but now it proves that it is disappearing. he. Rabbi said that he has lost one militant and economic terrorist, and he believes that the White House can more clearly see the truth of Iran today.

Secretary of State Pompeo said on the 10th that Trump is ready to meet Iranian President Rohani. Trump fired Bolton, which eliminated the biggest obstacle. The outside world expects that the US-Iranian relationship will be improved and the situation in the Mediterranean is expected to ease.

At the same time, however, Bolton’s departure means that Trump has one of the biggest hawkish voices, but at the same time he has lost an experienced and intelligent top consultant. Trump’s ability to use his negotiating strategy as he pleases will make American diplomacy more unpredictable and more exclusive to the United States, but at the same time violate the traditional American conservative businessman politics.


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