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Bolton’s departure is the blessing of the world and the danger of the White House.

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US President Donald Trump announced on September 10 that Twitter has announced that John Bolton has resigned as a national security advisor. Later, although Bolton said on Twitter that he was voluntarily resigning, it was obvious that Bolton was fired. The national security consultant, known as the Super Hawks, was kicked out of the White House in less than two years.

His thoughts are extremely right. He advocates a coup in Venezuela, refuses to withdraw troops from Syria, opposes peace talks with the Taliban, and actively lobbied the United States and other US allies to block Huawei 5G. In February 2018, he published an article in the media entitled “Pre-emptive attack on North Korea’s legal support.” After his visit to Russia in October 2018, the United States announced its withdrawal from the “Guide to the Central Treaty.” When he attended the press conference in January 2019, he wrote in his notebook, “There are 5,000 people in Venezuela.” In May 2019, the media broke the news that Bolton had asked government officials and the Ministry of National Defense to plan to send a 120,000 US troops to the Middle East. Trump had to rush.

In June 2019, Bolton emphasized that war is a sword for the interests of the United States. The United States is a hammer, and other countries are nails. Trump had a fierce argument with Bolton in order to start the war. Trump said on June 21, “Bolton is a hawk. If he has the final say, he will fight the whole world.” Former US Secretary of State John Kerry once said that Bolton still “lived in the 19th century.” .

“I and the rest of the government are against some of his suggestions.” This is why Trump was expelled from the announcement of Bolton. that’s the truth.

From the perspective of international influence, far-right politicians such as Bolton have been kicked out of the White House decision-making circle, which is helpful for the relaxation of the world situation and for the resolution of various geopolitical contradictions, and contributes to the progress of various diplomatic activities promoted by Trump. For example, the DPRK nuclear issue, the Afghanistan issue, and the Iran issue. At least the United States will not easily make Bolton-style hegemonic decisions, and some of the US government’s ideas that change from time to time will not be subject to fierce opposition.

But from the perspective of US internal affairs, the expulsion of Bolton actually represents the White House politics is moving to the other extreme. After Trump took office, he made many rounds of personnel adjustments. Unlike previous presidential substitutions, Trump’s personnel adjustments are very frequent, with Trump being more humiliating and more peaceful than leaving. In the process of frequent and strong substitutions, Trump gradually showed his own ideas, that is, people who like to listen to the good.

It was not clear what the president was like when he started to take the stage. Some traditional founders such as HR McMaster and James Mattis hope to play in the White House. But as the run-in deepens, the arbitrariness of Trump’s decision-making makes these traditional establishments confuse, either leaving or being expelled.

After all, the White House is a vanity fair. Some people come naturally, and Bolton and Mike Pompeo have been very charming about Trump in order to join the White House. But unlike Bolton and Pompeo, Pompeo has always been the first criterion for discussing Trump. After taking office, Bolton began to use Trump to display his right-wing claim. If there is something in the first wave of people who really wants to do things, and the second wave of people have to do things through Trump, then with the departure of Bolton, the White House basically formed a staffing with Trump as the core.

After several rounds of personnel shocks, almost everyone understands that the White House must be centered on Trump. Those who insist on their opinions will be greatly reduced. It can also be said that the White House has not dared to propose someone different from Trump’s opinion. The rest of the so-called hawks are no longer the original look of the hawks, and the quality has been greatly reduced. The White House gradually became a gathering place for Trump’s timid and fascinating slogans. The White House political ecology has reached an extreme. Such a lack of checks and balances will be very dangerous.

Especially in the military, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was Samsung General and was expelled from Trump in February 2017. Former Guoan consultant McMaster was once a “rationalist” in the White House. He was hailed as a master of strategy and military history in the US military. He had reservations about Trump’s support in the “Tongmen Gate” in 2018. Was expelled in March. Although Bolton is a far-right molecule, he is also a person who dares to present his own opinions. Former US Defense Secretary Matisse left office at the end of 2018 because of his disagreement with Trump.

The departure of these people shows that Trump does not like traditional established soldiers, but does not like people who are not loyal to himself. In military strategy, he tends to have one person to decide. The US military proposition will be more uncertain with the strong involvement of Trump, a layman.

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