US Democratic presidential primaries

The US Democratic presidential primaries were on the 12th TV debate on September 12. Ten candidates debated health care issues, firearms control, climate change, and economic issues. Among them, medical insurance became the hottest topic, and there were also many candidates who attacked Trump in the China-US trade war. The strategy is ok.

According to a survey conducted by CNN in early September, voters who support the Democratic Party or tend to support the Democratic Party believe that health insurance is the top issue affecting their vote. 59% of respondents said that the health care issue is “extremely important”. 31% of respondents described it as “very important.” As for Republican supporters or voters who tend to support the Republican Party, the importance of health care lies behind economic, immigration, and gun policy.

Democratic candidates debated health care on the 12th. Former Vice President Joe Biden supported Obama’s health insurance policy and said that every American citizen would be guaranteed affordable health insurance. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders support the Medicare for All program.

Another hot topic in the debate also includes the China-US trade war. Ten Democratic candidates slammed Trump, and some described Trump as having no strategy or plan in the trade war. Sanders and California Senator Kamala Harris and other candidates criticized Trump for using Twitter to publish trade policies. Minnesota’s Senator Amy Klobuchar refers to Trump treating American farmers and workers as poker chips in his bankrupt casino.

Sanders and Warren believe that US trade policy has caused damage to workers for many years. The US media CNBC said that this statement has the same features as Trump’s philosophy.

Warren said that the US trade policy applies only to large multinational companies, not to others. Sanders described the US trade policy as “disaster,” and said that he did not agree with Biden and emphasized his opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement. (NAFTA). Biden said that both labor organizations and environmentalists need to play a bigger role in trade policy, and that the United States and China need to determine world trade relations, otherwise China will formulate rules.

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