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A spokesperson for the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) said on September 16 that the China-US Deputy Trade Representative will meet in Washington on the 19th to pave the way for the high-level talks held in October.

The US Trade Representative Office did not disclose the details except the time and place of the meeting.

Earlier on the 16th, Tom Donohue, chief executive of the Chamber of Commerce, quoted a conversation with US trade representative Robert Lighthizer as saying that the US and China’s vice trade negotiators are expected to be 20 Meeting in the day. Time is one day earlier than expected.

Donohue quoted Letter Heze as seeking to reach a real agreement to address issues raised by the US Trade Representative Office two years ago to protect intellectual property and technology transfer.

Donohue said that Wright Heather did not say that the talks might reach a limited provisional agreement, but some chambers of commerce said that it is currently asking for a complete solution to China’s intellectual property and technology transfer, and market access and subsidies will be difficult.

Letter Hize and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are scheduled to meet with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He in early October.

According to the news released by CCTV, at the invitation of the US, Liao Wei, deputy director of the Central Finance Office and deputy director of the Ministry of Finance, planned to visit the United States on the 18th. He discussed the China-US economic and trade issues with the US, and held the first in Washington in October. Prepare for the thirteen rounds of China-US high-level economic and trade consultations.

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