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China and the United States restart negotiations, China’s delegation is pleased to confirm that the Chinese delegation will visit the US agricultural region.

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US Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told reporters on September 19 that a Chinese delegation will visit US agricultural districts next week with US officials to establish friendly relations in ongoing trade negotiations.

According to a Reuters report on September 19th, Perdue said that the Chinese delegation will want to see the agricultural production in the United States. “I think they want to establish friendly relations.”

He said that the Chinese delegation will go with the US trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, but it is not clear which areas they will go to.

The US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) reported earlier on the 19th that the Chinese delegation was led by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Qu Dongyu, who will meet with US agricultural producers and plans to visit Bozeman and Inner Mongolia. Omaha, Bras.

Bloomberg reported on the 19th that Perdue said that he did not know any more details of the visit, nor did he know whether Beijing planned to purchase more American agricultural products during the visit.

US Commerce Secretary Ross re-examined on the 19th, and the Donald Trump government called for an agreement to make Beijing commit to extensive and in-depth economic reforms.

Ross said that what the US needs is to correct serious imbalances, not only the current trade deficit, but also structural imbalances, barriers to market access, disrespect for intellectual property rights, and forced technology transfer. “So this is much more complicated than just buying a few batches of soybeans.”

The China-US vice ministerial trade negotiations have started on the morning of September 19. It is reported that the talks will gather agricultural issues. According to a Reuters report on September 19, under the leadership of Chinese Vice Minister of Finance Liao Wei, a Chinese delegation of about 30 officials arrived at the US Trade Representative Office (USTR) near the White House on the 19th. The deputy ministerial level negotiations began at 9 am. US Deputy Trade Representative Jeffrey Gerrish also arrived on the scene on behalf of the United States.

According to informed sources, this round of talks may be mainly focused on agriculture, including the United States requiring China to substantially increase the purchase of US soybeans and other agricultural products.

According to sources, the two-day two-day talks will involve agricultural issues, and the time spent on agricultural conferences is disproportionate.

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