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Saudi Arabia: If Iran’s attack is confirmed, it will respond with necessary measures.

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Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Jupiter said on September 21 that if Iran is confirmed to be responsible for the attack, Saudi Arabia will take necessary measures to respond. Iran once again denied the incident and accused Saudi Arabia of being hostile to Iran.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said at a press conference on September 21 that more than 80 countries have condemned the incident and the United Nations has sent a special team to join the investigation.

Jubail said that they can confirm that the attack did not come from Yemen, but came from the north and said that it will be proved after the investigation. If it is confirmed that Iran needs to be responsible for the attack, Saudi Arabia will take the necessary measures to respond. Jubail said that since the Yemeni civil war, Saudi Arabia has successfully intercepted more than 250 missiles launched from Yemen and shot down more than 150 drones, fully demonstrating Saudi Arabia’s ability to defend the country.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry once again denied that it was related to the attack and criticized Saudi Arabia for its hostility towards Iran and demanded that Saudi Arabia not make unfounded accusations.

The Saudi oil facility was attacked on September 14 and Saudi oil production was once reduced, causing fluctuations in international oil prices. The Yemeni Housse armed group acknowledged its responsibility but was refuted by the United States. Satellite images showed that the attack came from northern Saudi Arabia, and the United States and Saudi Arabia pointed their finger at Iran.

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