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Trump Gandang supporting the role and Modi hand in hand 50,000 people gathering

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US President Donald Trump is ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping in October to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is home to “Howdy Modi” 50,000 Indian Americans The assembly platform is 100 minutes.

Trump teamed up with Modi on September 22nd to attend the welcome rally at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, for the Super Bowl, the 50,000 Indian-Americans At the scene, welcome Modi.

The organizer “Texas Indian Forum” publicized that the number of people in the gathering has reached the Pope, and Americans welcome the largest gathering of foreign leaders. Modi arrived in Houston on September 21st and immediately sent a Twitter greeting: “Hello Houston!”

India’s New Delhi TV station local time on September 22 news that the event lasted 3 hours, 180 minutes, Trump gave the rally a 100-minute “schedule.”

Modi told Trump on the same day that Trump said: “He has had a profound influence on all parts of the world. He once said to me, “India has a true friend in the White House.” Your arrival today is “An excellent proof.” Modi said in a statement: “Trump’s attendance at the Houston rally is a new milestone. This will be the first time the US President has joined me in the Indian-American community.”

Trump also praised Modi at the scene: “Mr. Modi is doing a really good job for all the people of India and India. Modi is the most loyal friend of the United States.”

Harsh Shringla, the Indian ambassador to the United States, commented on the Economic Times of India on the same day: “This event shows the chemical reaction and friendship between Modi and Trump, and set a new A bold precedent, this is breaking the tradition and unique.”

The Indian New Delhi TV station said on the same day that the audience said: “We are very happy to see Modi, who has been expecting his news and hopes to get wisdom from him because he has inspired people in a country and the world.” In the eyes of Indian-American audiences, Trump became a neglected character.

The French Broadcasting Network (RFI) September 22 article believes that Trump and Modi have many similarities, such as politically advocated populism, in the way of propaganda, no matter where or what to do, publish a tweet statement, often Laugh at the media. And just as Modi likes to host large gatherings to showcase popularity, Trump also likes to be the focus of the spotlight.

The article also pointed out that Trump’s intention is that Houston is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States. With more than 4 million Indian-Americans, it is an attractive ticket in the election campaign, and the Indian-American family has an average family income of $100,000, making it one of the richest ethnic groups in the United States.

The public number of the Xinhua News Agency in China, “Niu Qin Qin”, also pointed out that Trump was on his own site this time, for the foreign prime minister’s platform, but also did not take the initiative. Behind the very active cooperation of Trump, there are actually very deep considerations. In the last general election, 75% of Indian voters voted for Hilary Clinton, this time supporting Modi, who wanted to harvest Indian votes. The article also believes that Trump’s “two sides and three knives” on Modi, the surface is very warm and intimate, praised the other side as a flower, I am sorry not to praise myself, the actual is still in the eyes of India to dislike, look down on.

The Washington Post reported that some senior US officials revealed that Trump likes to imitate Indian-speaking English, especially to imitate Modi’s pronunciation, which is an open secret in Washington.

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