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The Labor Party’s Brexit route has provoked party rule and the British political system has been unable to solve political problems.

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When British Prime Minister Johnson, who is in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, rehearsed Iran’s nuclear agreement, such as the “great power politician”, he hopes to defeat Johnson’s Labour Party leader Hao Erbin in the post-election post-election election, but in controversy The party conference in the buzz has almost lost the authority of the Labor Party and is further lagging behind in the election poll. Johnson, who experienced a major defeat in Congress at the beginning of the month, lost the majority of the parliament, and faced judicial challenges, seemed to be in an invincible position.

Between September and October, it is the time of the party conference of the major political parties in the United Kingdom. The Labor Party’s party meeting began on Saturday (September 21) and was held on the 5th. The focus of people’s attention is still the Labor Party’s Brexit policy.

Hao Erbin’s rare reason

At this moment, Jeremy Corbyn has a rare and reasonable way out. First of all, today, when the Johnson Administration has lost the majority of the Congress, early elections are hard to avoid, so the Labor Party will first strive to win in the general election. Secondly, if the Labor Party can take power, Hao Erbin will first talk to the EU about a new Brexit agreement that is expected to bring the future of British-European relations closer. Finally, the Labor Party will put the new Brexit agreement and the two options for staying in Europe to the referendum; at this stage, it is not necessary to decide on the future Labor Party’s position in the referendum, so as not to affect the Labour Party’s reconsideration of the neutrality of the agreement.

Compared with Johnson’s simple words of “not to die,” compared to the Liberal Democratic Party’s “resumption of the Brexit decision without a second referendum,” Hao Erbin’s Brexit approach is the most reasonable, and it should be all political parties. The same approach.

Although the Johnson Administration has stated that it has proposed to the European Union a detailed plan to replace the existing Irish border backstop, the EU continues to say that it has not received a serious alternative. At present, the Brexit limit is only over a month away from October 31. The only way out is to leave the European Union and re-talk to the EU about a future EU-EU trade relationship that will not require the re-establishment of the border inspection on the island of Ireland. problem.

As these agreements (or “no agreement to leave the EU”) are also different from the imagination of the Brexit during the 2016 Brexit referendum, they will be referred to the referendum and the “Leaving Europe” option will be held in the electorate. After learning about the specifics of Brexit, it is better to re-examine the public opinion orientation than the government to promote a controversial Brexit program, or to cancel the Brexit as the Liberal Democrats.

Unfortunately, Hao Erbin’s rare and reasonable proposal – compared to Johnson’s simple “take off!” and the Liberal Democratic Party’s leader, Swinson’s “stay!” – it’s hard to make a slogan propaganda to voters, so the Labour Party’s Hao Erbin’s route was also extremely dissatisfied. In the Labour Party, there was a fierce conflict between the “Hao Erbin faction” and the “Leaving Europe”.

Is the Labour Party arrogant in its own way?

The Labour Party Congress opened on Saturday, and Hao Erbin’s 2017 election behind-the-scenes hero Andrew Fisher gave a high-profile resignation, pointing out that Hao Erbin’s team “has no professionalism, no talent, and no decent person.” At the same time, the Labor Party’s Hao Erbin sent grassroots organizations to try to dismiss the deputy party Tom Watson. In the end, in the case of Hao Erbin’s unity, he was only vetoed by the National Administrative Committee within the party with only 17 votes to 10 votes. What’s more, the newspapers on Sunday (September 22) reported on the rumors that Hao Erbin was ready to resign as the leader. He was so tired that he had to go to TV immediately to clarify that he is still willing to be the prime minister’s five-year term. .

The vote of the party representatives on Monday (September 23) became the survival of Hao Erbin. After more than two hours of debate, the party representatives passed the resolution of “promoting the second referendum and leaving the Labour Party’s position to the future decision” in a “hands-on” manner, and vetoed the motion of staying in Europe to force the Labor Party to firmly maintain its position in Europe.

Although the result of the vote made Hao Erbin win over, but in addition to the fact that the Europeans believed that the “hands raised” vote was not formal and unfair, such as Shadow Foreign Minister Emily Thornberry and Shadow Brexit Minister Shi Jixian ( Keir Starmer) and others also indicated or suggested that the Labor Party should have a firm position to stay in Europe.

Under these disputes, according to the poll of the Observer, the Labor Party’s support fell 3% to 22% from the previous week, and the Conservative Party with 37% support left 15%, while the Liberal Democratic Party’s support A slight increase of 1% to 17%. Seeing Hao Erbin’s incompetence, Johnson also publicly rejected the proposal of the Brexit Party’s cooperation, a look of victory.

Should voters’ voices be equal?

In fact, one of the reasons why Hao Erbin’s Brexit route is unpopular is that these routes will take at least a few minutes to explain to voters, than Johnson’s slogan “Take off!” and Swinson’s simple and direct “Leave!” It is much more complicated, and every step must be rationally analyzed to make people understand its rationality. However, the general voters themselves have preconceptions between detaining and staying, and perhaps have no time or interest to participate in rational political discussions.

What this “little thing” shows is the crisis that the democratic system is now facing.

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