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Trump said that there is no complete record of the innocent record of the call with the Ukrainian president.

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US President Donald Trump said he would announce his call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which led to the Democratic Party members of the House of Representatives officially launching an impeachment investigation against him, but the former White House officials and Former national security officials said that the president’s call record could not be a recorded or verbatim verbatim record.

According to the White House’s standard procedure for handling the president’s conversations with other world leaders, many officials responsible for listening to the phone took notes and then put together a written record.

Trump said on the 24th that on the 25th he will announce his “completely decrypted, unremoved transcripts” with Zelensky on July 25. Trump was accused of putting pressure on Zelensky on the phone to ask Ukrainian to investigate the leading former vice president of the Democratic primary poll. Trump said that the published call text record would show that the call was “completely appropriate.”

Former White House National Security Council officials told Reuters that according to standard procedures, the president does not record when talking to foreign leaders, but at least two National Security Council officials take notes while listening to the call, usually by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). An official assigned to the National Security Council. These notes are the main records of these calls.

Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense during the Obama administration, said that the transcript of the call was not just based on notes, but might not be complete, because the person who recorded it would not normally put content that might be controversial once it was made public. record it. She said: “The reporter usually records what the president said in a way that would not let the president know.”


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