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British Prime Minister Johnson has been compared to the US media as “Trumps of Britain”; the election of US President Trump has also been regarded as a right-wing populist political wave that followed the victory of the British Brexit referendum led by Johnson and broke out across the Atlantic. Today, Johnson and Trump also meet the biggest challenge of their political journey, and the victory and defeat seems to be known before the end of this year.

“Did the same day and the same day of the same month?”

On September 24th, the UN General Assembly was held in New York. On the same day, Trump and Johnson, two fledgling blond-headed vouchers, both fluffy and eye-catching national leaders, both fell into political crisis.

First, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom sentenced Johnson to suggest that the Queen’s decision to suspend the Congress’s adjournment of the law would be “illegal” and that Johnson would face the face and be questioned by the deceived Queen. Moreover, Congress was able to resume the next day, making it even more difficult for the Johnson minority government to leave the “no agreement to leave the EU” on the table.

At the same time, seeing that more than half of the Democrats at the time had publicly stated that they would start the process of impeaching Trump on the “Tongwumen” incident, and that Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Democratic Party, who had been refusing the pressure of progressive progress within the party. ) Finally, I announced that I would launch an impeachment investigation in the six House Committees.

Because both Johnson and Trump have experienced many political controversies and scandals that traditional politicians can’t afford, many rational analysis at the time thought that the political crisis of the two was very dramatic, but the actual impact was limited: after the reopening In the British Parliament, the opposition parties still failed to reach a consensus on who led the transitional government. Therefore, they did not dare to raise a distrust motion to oust Johnson. The American people still opposed the impeachment even after the “Tongmen Gate” investigation was announced. Trump – According to a poll by POLITICO, a political news site at the end of July, 50% of Americans interviewed against impeachment, while supporters only got 38% – again, if the impeachment is to make Trump step down, eventually It must also be passed by two-thirds of the Senate, while the Republican Party holds the majority of the Senate at this time.

On the 24th of September, the two of them seemed to be on their own political life. Johnson bluntly stated that he “really disagrees” with the decision of the Supreme Court. After returning home, he accused the court of intervening in political disputes; Trump took the initiative to open “Tongwu” on the following day. One of the core documents of the door – his summary of the call with Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 25 – wants to “make up and preemptive.”

However, the situation turned sharply within a week, killing two people was caught off guard.

Johnson’s political and financial scandals broke out one after another

In the United Kingdom on the east coast of the Atlantic, after the resumption of the congress in September 25th, Johnson did not even apologize. He also attacked the opposition with inflammatory words such as “betrayal”, “surrender” and “swindler”, and also referred to the implementation of Brexit. It is the best way to commemorate Jo Cox, a member of the European Napa Labor Party who was killed by the neo-Nazis. In the current situation of British politics in which politicians were threatened incessantly, the British political anger was provoked, and Johnson was forced to be on Monday ( September 30) Directed the government’s parliamentary party whip representatives to sign a cross-party statement and accept responsibility for using “moderate language.”

In addition, Johnson, who is hosting the Conservative Party Congress, has even encountered a scandal of financial scandals. First, during his tenure from 2008 to 2016, Johnson was suspected of granting more than 100,000 pounds of public money to a female entrepreneur, Jennifer Arcuri, and Johnson himself used to go to women entrepreneurs during lunch time. “The class on technology development” in the apartment. The incident has now been referred to an independent investigation agency for processing.

Secondly, a senior British female journalist, Edward Edwardes, also publicly accused Johnson, who had served as his boss in The Spectator in 1999, pinching her thighs under the table, forced to come. Johnson, who talks about private affairs, rarely publicly denies the allegations; however, his health minister, Matt Hancock, publicly stated that Edwards is “trustworthy” and seems to have a knife behind Johnson.

At the same time, Philip Hammond, who was kicked out of the party by the vote, also accused Johnson of the prime minister’s election campaign. Many people are shorting the pound, and Johnson pushes, or at least tries to keep, no agreement on the table. Brexit is extremely beneficial to them.

According to the current political situation in the UK, whether or not the Brexit will happen on October 31, the early elections are just around the corner, and these subsequent scandals will become a major obstacle in the Conservative election.

Bullet Trump’s sentiment

On the other hand, on the west coast of the Atlantic, “Tong Umen” also unexpectedly hit Trump’s political support.

After the intelligence department’s whistleblower documents were made public, Trump’s original intention to accuse the informant of the complaint was simply “heardy.” It was expected that the attorney general of his intelligence agency, Michael Atkinson, issued a statement on Monday to inform the whistle. The person has “first-hand information” and the content of the complaint file is also checked by Atkinson and the certificate is “urgent and credible”.

At the same time, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who hinted at Trump and Zelensky during the UN General Assembly, was exposed by the Wall Street Journal to participate in related calls; Trump’s private lawyer Giulia Rudy Giuliani was also called by the House of Representatives to provide documentary evidence for publicly admitting that he had asked Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son. At the same time, Justice Barr also asked the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and other countries. Cooperate with its investigation into the cause of the investigation of the “Tongmen Gate”.

The most worrying thing for Trump is that, according to a series of polls since Pelosi announced the impeachment investigation, more and more Americans are gradually agreeing that Trump should be impeached – POLITICO on September 24-26 The polls conducted, the proportion of support and opposition to impeachment were all at 43%, but the poll conducted by Reuters from 25th to 30th found that 45% supported the impeachment and the opponents only had 41%; Among the many polls, Republican voters and neutral voters who support impeachment have shown an upward trend (for example, according to CNN polls, 14% of Republican voters supported the impeachment, up 8% from the May figure).

If the impeachment investigation reveals more and more scandals, and Trump is unable to find rhetoric beyond “old talk” such as “political operations,” “treason,” and “spy,” even if he can maintain his support. The basic disk, its re-election will also be greatly affected.

In fact, in addition to a blonde, Johnson and Trump, the most important feature of their political means is to comprehensively challenge the “political correctness” of the existing system, and win the public who are dissatisfied with the existing system and have nowhere to vent. The support of “Desperate” has led to a group of purposeful political speculators attached. However, a certain degree of political correctness also has its rationality. This time, whether Johnson and Trump will cross the bottom line and lose to political correctness, it seems that they will have their own knowledge in the next month or two.


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