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On October 1st, the US financial channel CNBC quoted Baiguan’s internal circulation document last week, which listed the reasons for studying the restrictions on US funds investing in Chinese securities. Although there were no relevant policy recommendations, they planned to meet for discussion.

According to the circulation of documents, Washington will arrange a “Policy Coordination Meeting” from September 30th to October 4th. The participants include relevant government agencies and members of the White House.

The report quoted senior White House officials as saying that the policy process may last for weeks or even more than a year, depending on whether President Donald Trump will step in and push the pace.

Bloomberg reported on September 27 that Washington is studying a variety of ways to limit US investor funds to China, including the removal of Chinese companies that are captains in the United States. The report quoted sources as saying that President Trump agreed to conduct relevant research.

A US Treasury spokesman issued a statement on September 28 that there is no plan to prevent Chinese companies from listing in the US. White House trade consultant Peter Navarro said on September 30 that the report was “fake news”: “This story is full of inaccuracies. As far as the truth of the matter is concerned, what the Treasury said is correct. of.”


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