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The US Department of Commerce said on October 3 that Chinese imported wooden cabinets and dressing tables were dumped in the US market at below-fair prices, announcing additional tariffs on related goods valued at approximately $4.4 billion.

The Ministry of Commerce initially ruled that in order to achieve a level playing field, Chinese importers will face an anti-dumping tariff of 28.7% to 251.6%. The Ministry of Commerce earlier ruled that Chinese manufacturers received government subsidies, and since August 8, import cabinets have faced tariffs.

The Ministry of Commerce is also investigating whether imported wooden cabinets, dressing tables and related components from China are unfairly subsidized, and whether to receive a cash deposit offset subsidy in August.

US Customs officers will begin to tax the relevant cabinets at the dumping rate. However, if the Department of Commerce overturns the ruling, or the US International Trade Commission believes that Chinese subsidies will not harm US players, the tariff will be refunded. The committee will make a final decision around March 30, 2020.

The Department of Commerce initiated a dumping investigation in accordance with a petition filed by the American Kitchen Cabinet Alliance on March 6. The affected companies include Dalian Meisen Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hongjia Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and Rizhao Fukai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.


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