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Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated his 67th birthday on October 7. The Russian media reported on the 6th that his birthday celebration this year is a little different.

Russian satellite news agency, Tass news agency and Russia today reported that presidential spokesman Peskov said on the 6th that Dmitry Peskov had been to Siberian coniferous forest with some senior officials on the eve of his birthday, hiking, climbing and off-road within a few days. Drive. Peskov said, “The president enjoys nature and the autumn forest scenery.”

In the Kremlin’s release of Putin’s film on the evening of the 7th, he was able to drive in the wild with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. In addition, Putin will celebrate birthdays with friends and close friends this year.

According to Russian media reports, Putin’s busy work on weekdays is such a “fare to see” holiday, as well as with family and friends. He had previously spent time with his former or current colleagues. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was invited to celebrate his birthday with Putin in 2018.

Chinese President Xi Jinping was also a VIP of Putin’s birthday event, when they were drinking together. In 2019, Putin sent ice cream to Xi Jinping. It is said that Xi Jinping likes it very much.


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