Politico quoted four former White House officials as saying on October 8 that US President Donald Trump would ask for a report every time he read a report about the internal workings of his work. Who leaked the secret to the media, and therefore discussed many times whether the White House staff should use a polygraph.

The report said that Trump had made a major leak, and Trump proposed to use a lie detector from time to time. The report quoted one of the former White House officials as saying, “He (Trump) often talks about this issue. He will ask angrily, “Why can’t we stop this from happening?”,” another former White House official said. “He (Trump) wants to test the lie detector for every White House staff member to find out who leaked to the media.”

The report also said that Trump had begun to consider using a lie detector within the first six months of his presidency, but every time he would be persuaded to do so would only be counterproductive; in addition, the White House staff proved that they were innocent, Voluntary acceptance of the test of the lie detector.

White House spokesman Stephanie Grisham responded by saying, “I think that anyone in the president and his governance team has the right to be frustrated or even angry at the leak. Disclosing confidential information will only bring to the country. Damage. Since July 2015, I have been fighting alongside the President. I can say with certainty that I have never heard of (Trump) suggesting the use of a lie detector to prevent leaks.”

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