Saudi Arabia’s state oil company Saudi Aramco continues its IPO. It is reported that next week, the investment bank participating in the listing activity will be issued a license to officially carry out the IPO.

“Bloomberg” reported that the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors will meet with the investment bank representatives participating in the IPO activities on October 17, and will finally confirm the start of the listing process. The investment banks participating in the IPO activities will submit the first draft of the analysis report on October 9 and 15, respectively, and the final manuscript will be reviewed on October 18. After the announcement of the listing decision by Saudi Ami on October 20, the report will be publicly distributed to the fund. Manager, starting the promotion before the listing.

According to the report, Saudi Ami plans to list on the Saudi Stock Exchange in November and intends to sell 2% of the shares. According to the expected market value of sand market to reach 2 trillion US dollars, the amount of funds raised for the sale of 2% shares is equivalent to 40 billion yuan (the same as the US dollar). If the market value of Ami in the sand reaches 2 trillion yuan, it will be twice as high as the current highest market value apple, and it is expected to become the world’s largest market capitalization enterprise.

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