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In the NBA, no one dares to ask black people to eat watermelon.

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In the summer of 2013, NBA star Flash Wayne Ward (Continental translation “Wade”) won the championship in Miami.

In July of that year, Hua Di came to China with his girlfriend to participate in commercial activities, and by the way.

In the evening, the Chinese organizer brought Hua Di and his girlfriend to KTV to sing. According to the practice of Chinese KTV, the staff gave a fruit plate.

In the midsummer, there will of course be watermelon in the fruit plate, which is the national fruit of China.

After watching the fruit plate, Huadi, who was singing, became very ugly, and other friends of Huadi also put down the microphone. The whole KTV, the atmosphere suddenly became very embarrassing.

Chinese business partners have noticed something wrong. When they asked about the reasons, they knew that it was an insult to ask black people to eat watermelon in the United States.

The Chinese organizer immediately apologized to Huadi, stating that this was an unintentional act. After appeasement, Hua Diping regained his emotions.

Americans also like watermelons, but they are limited to whites. Blacks are invited to eat watermelons. In American culture, they have special meanings.

Before the Civil War, the southern part of the United States was dominated by agriculture, and white farmers had a large number of black slaves.

At the time in the south of the United States, the most important agricultural output was cotton and watermelon. If the white slave owners feel that the blacks are doing well, they will reward them with some watermelon when they are resting.

After the end of the Civil War, it was the black man who had just been liberated. He had no education and no survival skills. He only planted cotton and watermelon. So a large number of black people chose the old one, that is, relying on watermelons for a living.

At that time, the southern white group was extremely discriminating against black people. “Black people love to eat watermelon” became the mantra of the white group to mock the black people, and produced a large number of cartoons and propaganda graphics to smash the black people. This mantra became a low IQ. A collection of negative images that are easy to be complacent, lazy, and full of trains.

The effect is probably similar to the pig in Chinese culture. In Chinese culture, you use cows to describe others, it is a boast, and using pigs to describe others is a monk.

This is the cultural background difference.

On October 5th, Molly, the general manager of the NBA Rockets, sent a Twitter message to “fighting for freedom and standing with Hong Kong.” The evil spirits of the heart are obvious and clear.

This sentence clearly reversed black and white, and interference in China’s internal affairs immediately triggered a strong resistance and rebound of the Chinese people. The Rockets-related competition was banned in China.

In the face of the boycott of the Chinese people, on October 8, NBA President Shi Hua said that he supported Molly and supported freedom of speech. The responsibility for this sentence was given to freedom of speech.

But the United States has never had real freedom of speech, and the NBA has no freedom of speech. In 2014, NBA Clippers boss Shi Duning and his girlfriend’s chat recordings were exposed. In the recording, Shi Duning let his girlfriend stay away from the blacks, and don’t hang photos with black people on the Internet.

It stands to reason that this is Shi Duning’s freedom of speech. Racial discrimination can be condemned, but it is not illegal. However, NBA president Shi Hua, the highest fine in the NBA charter for Shi Duning, was $2.5 million, and he was forbidden to enter the NBA’s arena for life. At the same time, Shi Hua also forced Shi Duning to sell the Clippers to the current boss for a low price of 2 billion US dollars. Anyone has the right to freedom of speech, as long as you are willing to bear the consequences of your own speech.

Obviously, in Shi Hua’s heart, the Clippers’ bosses must bear the most severe consequences when they say that they discriminate against black people, and Molly’s remarks about splitting Hong Kong do not bear any consequences.

Is this freedom of speech? This is called double label.

What is the cultural and historical background of the Chinese? The cultural background of the Chinese is the aggression and colonization of the Western powers for nearly a hundred years. The Chinese are extremely sensitive to the separatist territory, especially the problem of the Western powers intervening in China.

Even the Qing government knows that Hong Kong has lost its face to see its ancestors, not to mention the new China today.

When can the NBA speak freely about discriminating against black people? They can express their opinions and ask the blacks to eat watermelons. When will they talk to the Chinese about freedom of speech.


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