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Trump threatens to impose tariff increases and suspend trade negotiations in Turkey

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Turkey’s fight against Kurdish troops in northeastern Syria has caused criticism from many countries. US President Trump announced on October 14 that he would sanction Turkish officials, suspend negotiations on a $100 billion trade agreement, and raise tariffs.

Trump issued a statement pledging to impose a strong additional sanctions on Washington through administrative orders. The statement did not mention the list of sanctions officials, but officials who severely violated human rights, impeded the ceasefire, prevented displaced persons from returning to their homes and forcibly repatriated refugees may be subject to sanctions.

The United States also decided to suspend negotiations on a trade agreement worth hundreds of billions of dollars and re-raise steel tariffs to 50%. Trump threatened that if Turkish leaders continue to embark on this dangerous and destructive path, they are fully prepared to quickly destroy the Turkish economy. He pointed out that administrative orders would be granted to a wide range of consequences, including financial sanctions, freezing of property and ban on entry into the United States.

Trump also reiterated that Syria will be withdrawn, leaving only a small number of US troops stationed in southern Syria. The US troops withdrawn will be redeployed elsewhere in the region to monitor the situation.

Defense Minister Mark Esper said that he will meet with NATO allies next week, calling on them to adopt “diplomatic and economic measures” in response to Turkey’s invasion of Syria. He described Turkey’s military operations as “unnecessary and impulsive” and the opportunity to lead the terrorist organization ISIS to make a comeback.

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