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China’s purchase of 50 billion US dollars of agricultural products before the United States first canceled tariffs

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Although the United States and China announced the first phase of the agreement, the outside world is still not optimistic about the negotiations between the two sides. Some media quoted the news that if US President Donald Trump does not revoke the tax on Chinese goods, it is impossible for China to purchase 40 to 50 billion US dollars of US agricultural products every year for two years.

Bloomberg reported on October 15 that according to sources, despite the breakthrough in the thirteenth round of US-China trade negotiations, China promised to buy US$50 billion of US agricultural products, but unless the United States cancels retaliatory tariffs on Chinese goods, China It will be difficult to take this action, and US President Trump must take corresponding measures.

According to sources, although the Chinese government intends to expand imports of US agricultural products to fulfill the US-China “first phase” agreement, it is difficult to reach the scale announced by Trump on October 11 from the current situation, that is, China’s annual purchase. $40 billion to $50 billion in US agricultural products.

According to the report, Beijing used to exempt tariffs and allowed Chinese companies to buy US agricultural products. China can also exempt tariffs and start purchasing agricultural products, but it is impractical for such a large number of agricultural products.

The report reflects that China has hinted in trade negotiations that only the United States takes the lead in taking measures before China can take measures.

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