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On October 16, the US House of Representatives passed the condemnation case with an overwhelming vote, condemning Trump’s withdrawal from Syria and allowing the Kurdish people who were originally American allies to be attacked by Turkey. Several Democrats then went to the White House to discuss the situation in Syria with Trump, but they broke up.

The House of Representatives passed the condemnation case with 354 to 60 votes in the face of more than 100 Republican lawmakers. Several Democrats later went to the White House to discuss the situation in Syria with Trump, but the meeting broke down and Democrats left early.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters that Trump was “surprised” by Republican lawmakers and was furious at the meeting, accusing the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of being a “three-way politician” (third-rate politician), Schumer described Trump as “meltdown” at the time.

Schumer revealed that they asked Trump if he had plans to deal with ISIS members of the Islamic extremist group in the camp. Trump only responded that they would be controlled by Turkey and Syria.

“But when I ask if there is intelligence on Turkey and Syria, will there be any control over ISIS members like the United States or the Kurds, but the Secretary of Defense is honest enough to answer no.” Schumer said this proves that Trump is completely No plan.

Schumer said they are asking Republican Senate Speaker Mitch McConnell to hand over the condemnation case to the Senate for deliberation and said that he hopes the Republican Party will come up with a solution in addition to its condemnation.


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