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US President Trump made a speech on the situation in Syria on October 23, saying that Turkey has notified the United States that it will permanently cease fire in Syria. Trump announced that it would lift the sanctions against Turkey.

Trump described it as the result of American manufacturing, saving many Kurds. He pointed out that almost all US troops will withdraw from Syria, and some will stay in the oil fields to protect Syria. Trump also said that if Turkey violates the ceasefire agreement, sanctions will be imposed again.

Trump once again defended the decision to withdraw the US military. He believed that the United States should not assume the role of the world police, stressing that other countries must stand up and take responsibility. Trump said that other countries are welcome to help deal with the conflicts between the Syrian and Syrian.

Trump also talked with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces commander. The other party said that the terrorist organization ISIS fighters were still being shut down, some of them escaped, but most of them have been arrested again.

Syrian Democratic Army commander Mazloum Kobani said that Trump is committed to maintaining long-term support for the Syrian Democratic Army and that the other party will expand support in many ways.

The U.S. Treasury Department subsequently announced the lifting of sanctions against the Turkish Defense Minister, the Energy Minister and the Interior Minister.

Trump has pointed out that the US military will be taken home from Syria, but the government revealed plans to replace more than 700 US troops in Iraq. However, the United States has not been approved for long-term deployment in Iraq. The Iraqi Defense Minister stated that the US military will leave within four weeks. The 200-300 US military will remain in Al-Tanf, southern Syria.


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