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British Prime Minister Johnson said on October 24 that he planned to hold a general election on December 12, urging Members to support and break the deadlock. The government will move the House of Commons to the general election on October 28.

When Johnson accepted an independent television company (ITV) visit, the United Kingdom had already obtained a good agreement to leave the European Union. Congress also voted for the first time in nearly three and a half years to support a Brexit method, but unfortunately, Members voted to suspend the agreement. He said that if Congress really wants more time to review this excellent agreement, it is okay, but agree to hold the general election on December 12.

Johnson pointed out that Congress has not seen the majority for a long time, and has always refused to realize the Brexit, and it is impossible to pass legislation. He described it as time to let the opposition take the courage to face the “common boss”, the British people.

Johnson went to the letter of the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to propose an early election. He said that the EU has the opportunity to agree to a short-term abolition of the Brexit until the 15th or the 30th of the 11th, and said that he is inclined to the relevant decision. However, if the EU agrees to postpone the Brexit until January 31, 2020, the government will move ahead of the general election, and Congress will be dissolved after midnight on December 6.

Johnson said that if Hao Erbin agrees to the general election, the government and opposition parties can make good use of parliamentary time and continue to review the Brexit Agreement, including Friday and weekend, in order to win the election before the election. However, if Congress refuses to leave the European Union before December 6, it will solve the problem through the new Congress. If Johnson wins the election, he will lead the country through a new agreement; if Hao Erbin wins the election, Johnson believes that the other party will apply again to leave the EU, renegotiate the agreement, and hold a referendum.


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