The Argentine presidential election ended on October 27. The vote showed that the opposition left-wing candidate Fernandez won more than 47% of the votes and won the election. The current president, Markley, admits that the election was also seen as a referendum on the government’s austerity policy and the left-wing opposition’s “social contract.”

Argentina’s general election has been completed more than 90%, the middle left candidate Alberto Fernandez has won 47% of the votes, and the re-elected conservative government Mauricio Macri has only achieved 40%. Makri admitted to defeat on the evening of the 27th.

Makri said that Fernandez had been invited to the presidential palace on the 28th to discuss the handover. Fernandez also responded to ensure the smooth handover. Fernandez is expected to become the new president of Argentina in December.

Argentina has been in an economic crisis since 2014. After taking office, Marki promised to solve the problem, but it has not improved in the past four years. Some Marki supporters said that Marki needs more time, so this election is also seen as a referendum on the government’s austerity policy and the opposition’s left-wing economic policy “social contract”. The result is that the opposition won.

However, the outside world is skeptical about whether Fernandez’s coming to power can solve economic problems. In particular, Fernandez will be appointed as the Vice President of the former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Christina pursued Belonism and was accused of being one of the culprits of Argentina’s economic crisis. When Fernandez won the victory in March in the initial election in August, it triggered a sharp fall in the stock market and the exchange rate.


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