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US forces killed ISIS leader Baghdad

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US President Donald Trump said he had monitored the entire course of action, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the extremist organization (ISIS), “screamed, wept, sobbed.”

Trump issued a televised speech at the White House on the morning of October 27, saying that Baghdadi was killed in a raid on the 26th of the US Special Forces near the northwestern part of Idlib province on the Turkish border.

Trump said that he and the officials “monitored the whole action like a movie.” Trump said that Baghdadi did not die like a hero, but instead tried to escape in the tunnel. “He choked and cried all the time. “Screaming,” “Bagdida died like a dog and a coward.” After returning to the end of a tunnel under the pursuit of the US military, Baghdadi “detonated the bomb in his suicide vest and killed himself and His three children.”

Trump also added “evidence” that the will was confirmed to be Baghdadi in 15 minutes. “The US military has the DNA of Baghdad, accompanied by laboratory technicians, after removing some of the rubble from the tunnel that has not been exported. The US military obtained the body of Baghdad, and the technicians then conducted the inspection on the spot.”


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