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Seeing the intensity of American elections from the “uneven” polls

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The 2020 US presidential election has not yet begun. Republicans and Democrats are in full swing to prepare for the primary elections of their respective parties. American public opinion is also actively conducting polls for major candidates, especially with regard to US President Trump (Donald Trump) polls situation.

“miscible” American polls

After the outbreak of the Tongwumen incident, the investigation of the impeachment Trump was also opened. The occurrence of this series of events seemed to give the Democratic Party a chance to “reverse” and the US polls also fluctuated.

First look at the polls within the two-party party. The liberal media “Washington Post” and the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) announced in November a new joint poll (hereinafter referred to as the joint poll), which was randomly collected by telephone to 1003 adults across the United States. The results of the investigation.

The poll showed that 82% of Democrat supporters believe that Trump should be removed, while only 13% of Democrats oppose the proposal. In addition, among the Republican voters, only 18% of the respondents supported Trump to step down, but 82% still opposed it. Of those voters who thought they belonged to the independent, 47% supported the impeachment of Trump, while 49% opposed it.

According to a poll by Fox News, a conservative media favored by Trump, 99% of Republicans are opposed to impeaching Trump. This must confirm that there is still a high level of support in the Republican Party.

In view of the party polls of the left and the right, the democrats of the Democrats and Republicans have had serious differences on whether to impeach Trump and leave him. There is no one-sided situation. Inside the party, Trump still has the advantage of re-election.

Look at the polls of ordinary people. According to a joint poll by the Washington Post and ABC, 49% of Americans surveyed believe that Trump should be impeached and step down from the presidency, while 47% of the respondents pointed out that he should not be impeached. Investigate or be removed.

The New York Times and Siena College, also the liberal media, also made a new poll. The poll pointed out that the support rate of Joe Biden in Trump’s Ukrainian “call door” dropped sharply, ranking third with 17%. Democratic candidate William Warren’s approval rate is currently the top 22% among the many Democratic candidates, and Senator Bernie Sanders has the second 19% support rate. Chinese-based candidate Yang Anze’s support rate ranked 7th to 3%.

On the other hand, a new poll by Monmouth University shows that 62% of those who approve of Trump say they will continue to support him no matter what he does. A recent survey by Fox News also showed that 78% of the audience of the Hors said they believed that the process of impeaching Trump was political persecution.

Based on the above analysis of the polls, although the US President Trump was deeply involved in the impeachment investigation, the public opinion did not show a one-sided state, but there was a serious disagreement. Trump’s situation was not as bad as the outside world imagined.

It is worth noting that although the current polls can be used as a reference data, they are by no means the largest yardstick for judging a candidate’s choice. After all, the hypothetical polls that were still in the early stages of the election were not accurate. As Trump said earlier, it’s still too early to talk about the outcome, no one will be less than the last minute. The final result of the big election is expected.

Anxious Democratic Party “Da Gong” – Bloomberg

In addition to the polls, the foreign media in these days are most concerned about the 77-year-old American billionaire and former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. According to foreign media, it is currently actively preparing to participate in the 2020 presidential election. On November 8th, Bloomberg’s deadline for the Alabama Democratic primary registration, Bloomberg is expected to submit materials by November 8.

In fact, Bloomberg had considered participating in the presidential election earlier this year, but later decided not to stand for election and support the Democratic Party’s efforts to re-enter the White House. Today, Bloomberg once again considered the mountain, according to one of his advisers, because Bloomberg fears that the current Democratic candidates will not be able to beat Trump.

Bloomberg’s concerns are not without foundation. Although the US polls are “uneven”, they still have a certain reference value for the election. In particular, Trump’s current polls are not bad, which means that the Democratic Party’s advantage is not obvious. In addition, there are more serious guilts within the Democratic Party. Bloomberg believes that the chances of winning by the current candidate Democrats are not large.

The Washington Post quoted a source as saying that Bloomberg thought that Biden was weak and Sanders and Warren could not win (Trump). Inside the Bloomberg source, “If Warren is nominated, Trump will be re-elected. This is not what any Democrat wants. (So) Bloomberg is encouraged to re-examine and evaluate the campaign.”

As far as Bloomberg’s personal background is concerned, he does have an advantage in the election. First of all, Bloomberg has a high reputation in the Democratic Party. During his tenure in New York, he was highly praised for implementing a series of reform policies and also had a relatively solid mass base. In addition, he is the founder of Bloomberg News, and the Bloomberg terminal system he controls almost supports Wall Street. Rich wealth is indeed another foundation to support him to join the competition.

However, Bloomberg is likely to face the following three situations when he is elected. First, because Bloomberg’s “middle school” advocate is similar to Biden, his participation may distract Biden’s votes, which is not conducive to the Democratic Party’s election, and will also be attacked by Biden. At the same time, Warren, who advocates “robbing the rich and helping the poor,” is bound to attack Bloomberg. More importantly, Trump will never “lease” Bloomberg, which means that Bloomberg will participate in the presidential election, waiting for him to be a three-way attack between the Democratic Party and the Trump team. If Bloomberg determines the candidacy, this indicates that the US presidential election in 2020 will be a wonderful show of “strong earthquake” intensity.


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