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Venice, Italy entered a state of emergency, rising water level, the highest flooding in 1966

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Influenced by the tide of the Venetian lagoon, Venice, Italy was flooded. The Venice Tidal Forecast Center said on the 12th that the water level may exceed 190 cm.

The tide forecasting center said at 10:50 pm local time that the tide level of the Venice Lagoon has reached 187 cm. The high tide caused the coffee shops and shops to flood, and the Venice street alarms also issued warnings to remind the public that the water level was high.

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, will issue a state of emergency and warn the public that the tides may cause serious damage. He said: “We are facing a rising tide that exceeds expectations. The city of Venice has mobilized all units to deal with it urgently.”

St. Mark’s Square is flooded by more than 100 centimeters. It is also the sixth flooding in 1200 years near the famous St. Mark’s Basilica. The four floodings occurred in nearly 20 years, the most recent one being 2018. In the month, there is no damage inside the church.

Well-known attractions Venice Governor’s Palace on the 12th tweet, even if the tide rises, still open as usual, it is recommended that people use the ascending trail to the entrance, many hotels also provide people with knee-high rain boots.

Venice’s high tide in November 1966 was as high as 193 cm, causing flooding. Although the degree of flooding in recent years is less than in 1966, the foundations of many buildings and houses have been eroded by salt water.


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