Larry Kudlow, an economic adviser to the White House, said on November 15 that the first-stage trade agreement between China and the United States does not have to be signed by the first dollar of the Chinese dollar, and can be signed by ministerial officials.

When Kudlow answered the reporter’s question on the 15th, he joked that the signing location might be his own office. He said, “Don’t over-interpret the matter (signing place).”

He expressed optimism about the China-US trade negotiations and believed that the two sides had made progress, but pointed out that the date of signing the agreement has not yet been determined. He said, “We never set a timetable. We originally hoped to complete the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit (the first phase of the agreement signing ceremony), but the APEC summit was finally cancelled.”

Kudlow also confirmed that the existing and planned tariff policies for China are part of the negotiations between the two sides.

Kudlow said in a meeting on the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington on the 14th that China and the United States are in close contact by telephone. Negotiations between the two sides have entered the final stage, or a trade agreement can be reached soon, but the consultation is emphasized. Not yet finished.


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