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Simon Cheng, a Hong Kong resident who was in charge of the British Consulate General in Hong Kong in August and was detained for 15 days in mainland China, recently received media interviews. According to media reports on November 20, Zheng Wenjie said he was detained in Shenzhen. He was beaten during the period.

British Foreign Minister Lan Yuwen said on the same day that he had summoned the Chinese ambassador to Britain to protest.

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab pointed out that “Zheng Wenjie is a valuable member of our team. He was treated improperly during his detention in China. We were shocked and shocked. This is equivalent to torture.”

Lan Yuwen said that he has summoned the Chinese ambassador to the UK to express anger at China’s violation of international obligations and the cruel and disgraceful treatment of Zheng Wenjie. He also said that he has clearly expressed his expectation that the Chinese authorities will investigate and hold them accountable.

Zheng Wenjie, who has resigned now, traveled from Hong Kong to Shenzhen in August 2019 and lost his connection. The Chinese authorities said that he was involved in defamation and detained him for 15 days in accordance with the administrative provisions of the Mainland, and eventually released it back to Hong Kong after the expiration.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the US “Wall Street Journal” published a visit to Zheng Wenjie on November 20, respectively. Zheng Wenjie claimed to have been beaten and blindfolded during his detention in the Mainland. BBC reporter during the visit I also asked directly if Zheng Wenjie had paid for it. Zheng Wenjie responded by saying, “I don’t want to focus on whether I am embarrassed.” He also said, “Because that is what they want.” He said, just want to be clear. Say nothing to do anything that he is sorry for the people he cherishes and loves.

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