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The China-US trade negotiations entered a critical stage of success or failure. The news indicated that the two sides could not reach consensus on a number of issues during the teleconference held on November 16, and the risk of negotiations broke down again. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the US’s strategic positioning to contain China is wrong.

Bloomberg reported on November 20 that according to sources, the US-China trade negotiations are now at a critical stage of determining the success or failure. They cautiously believe that the possibility of a breakdown in negotiations still exists.

According to informed sources, in a conference call on November 16, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu He agreed to speed up an agreement to avoid The new tariff is in force. However, it is difficult for the two sides to agree on the details of other commitments that US President Donald Trump hopes to include, including the purchase of agricultural products requested by Trump and the specific cancellation of tariffs.

Russian media news agency reported on November 21st by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Trump’s attempt to restrict tariffs and prohibit domestic companies from trading with Chinese technology companies. Putin pointed out that the United States imposes restrictions on China because China’s economy is more efficient.

Putin believes that the Chinese economy operates much more efficiently than many other large economies in the world, including the United States. “This is why the United States imposes restrictions on China, not a trade deficit.” Previously, Putin also said that “the strategic positioning of Russia and China will be seriously wrong.”


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