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North Korea ’s Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Tae Sung said on December 3 that North Korea once again reminded the United States that the deadline for US-DPRK negotiations is approaching at the end of the year. What “Christmas gifts” the United States wants is entirely up to the United States’ decision.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has set a deadline for the US-DPRK negotiations, which is the end of this year, but the two countries are still stuck. The negotiations have not progressed so far.

North Korea: US replays old tune

The Korean Central News Agency issued a speech by Lee Tae Sung on December 3, saying that the deadline was approaching every day, but the United States did not try to respond to North Korea with actual actions, replaying the old tune of “sustainable substantive dialogue,” and did everything it could to win time. He said that this was essentially a “stupid trick” to try to lure North Korea to the negotiating table and to reverse the domestic political situation and elections in the United States. North Korea has been tired of this remark, and I am afraid no one believes it is the same Lie.

Lee Tae-cheng also said that North Korea’s actions so far have been transparent and open, let alone conceal what to do, so North Korea once again reminds the United States that the deadline is gradually approaching this point.

Lee Tae Sung said that North Korea has made every effort so far to avoid taking back the important measures it has taken. “The rest now is the choice of the United States. The choice of Christmas gifts will depend entirely on the determination of the United States.


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