Trump impeachment

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on December 5 that he had decided to direct the House Judiciary Committee to draft an impeachment clause. The clause will list “accusations” of President Donald Trump, which means that the impeachment case has entered a new stage.

Pelosi: President seriously violates constitution

Pelosi said on the same day that Trump, as president, abused power and believed that “the president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution.” She also said that “in the United States, no one is above the law.” , Can only act. “

The U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has released an impeachment investigation report against President Trump on December 3, criticizing him for increasing his chances of reelection through foreign intervention, describing him as directing an unprecedented operation.

Outside estimates estimate impeachment clause before Christmas

It is expected that the Democratic Party will hold a house vote before Christmas break. If the House of Representatives passes the impeachment clause, Trump will officially become the third president to be impeached in American history. At that time, the impeachment process will be moved to the Senate. Because the Senate is currently controlled by the Republican Party, the outside world estimates that the impeachment bill will eventually fail.


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