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North Korean official media conducted an extremely significant test on December 7. US President Donald Trump later posted on Twitter that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not want to abolish relations with the United States and said North Korea must be denuclearized.

Trump said in a post, “If Kim Jong-un acted hostile, he would be too clever and have too much loss, in fact it is (loss) all. He and I signed a strong nuclear-free in Singapore Agreement. “

He continued, “He (Kim Jong Un) does not want to abolish the special relationship with the U.S. President or interfere in the US elections held in November 2020.” “North Korea has huge economic potential under Kim Jong Un’s leadership, but must proceed as promised. Denuclearization. This issue is unified in NATO, China, Russia, Japan and the world. “

North Korea News Agency reported that the authorities conducted extremely significant tests at the West Sea satellite launch site. US officials have said North Korea agreed to close the launch site.


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