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The Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA) announced on December 9 that Russia was banned from participating in large-scale international competitions in the next four years, and the Russian government’s senior officials were strongly unhappy. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on December 10 that it opposed “politicizing” sports events.

At a press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on December 10, a reporter asked: “On December 9, the World Anti-Doping Agency made a decision to ban Russia from participating in major international sports events in the next four years. The Russian President, Prime Minister, The Foreign Ministers successively stated that relevant agencies have repeatedly issued various sanction decisions against Russia in recent years. This ban is another attempt by Western countries to isolate Russia. What’s your comment on this? “

In response, spokesperson Hua Chunying responded that Russia is an important member of the international Olympic family and has a large number of high-level athletes who love the Olympic cause and are healthy and progressive, and have made positive contributions to the development of the Olympic cause.

Hua Chunying also emphasized that the Chinese government has always attached great importance to anti-doping work and adopted a “zero tolerance” attitude towards doping. At the same time, China opposes the politicization of sports events, advocates protecting the legitimate rights and interests of clean athletes from all countries, and truly safeguards the fairness, impartiality, and purity of international sports.

The World Anti-Doping Organization’s Executive Committee approved sanctions against Russia in Zurich on December 9. The Russian sports team will continue to ban global games for four years, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Russia will have 21 days to appeal the ban.

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