Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was a comedian before entering politics and became famous by the TV series “Servant of the People.” Russian TNT TV broadcasted the first three episodes of the TV series on December 11, but Russian President Putin may not have time to watch it.

“Public Servant” was released in 2015 with Zelensky as the protagonist. The protagonist in the play was originally a silent teacher, but because of a severe criticism of political corruption, he became popular on the Internet and eventually became president. In real life, Zelensky became popular throughout the country with a TV series, and then he won the election and became president. Zelensky even named his party as the People’s Public Servants Party.

When asked if Putin would watch the TV show, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded that he did not think Putin would watch it. “Putin doesn’t watch TV shows, so I believe he hasn’t watched it, and he won’t watch it in the future. He has no time,” he said. Peskov also said that TV stations do not need to obtain government approval to play TV shows, and only need to comply with copyright regulations.

The TV station described the episode as an ironic perspective on modern Ukraine’s politics and the relationship between the people and the government. The TV station told the Russian satellite news agency that the first three episodes of “Public Servants” were marketing methods for TV stations and large-scale payment platforms. Users of the paid platform could watch the first full episode of the episode from December 12.


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