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US House of Representatives passes impeachment clause for Trump: Republicans unite 

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The U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump on December 18, and passed the impeachment clauses of “abuse of power” and “hinder Congressional investigation” by a large percentage, becoming the third impeached in American history president. After the House passes a vote, the case will be sent to the Senate for trial.

The impeachment clause is divided into two, including “abuse of power” and “hindering Congressional investigation.” The “abuse of power” vote was approved by 230 votes in favor of 197 votes, of which 229 Democrats and 1 Independent voted in favor, Republicans totaled 195 votes, and two Democrats rebelled. .

A vote of “obstructing Congressional investigation” with 229 votes against 198 votes was also approved. Republicans also voted against 195 people, while Democrats voted up to 3 votes.

After the impeachment case was sent to the Senate, the Senate became a “court” and the chief justice, John Roberts, presided over the “suit.” Five of those senators participating in the 2020 Democratic presidential election will attend the trial. If Trump is convicted by the Senate, he will be immediately removed from the presidency and will be replaced by Vice President Mike Pence. However, as the Senate is currently controlled by the Republican Party, Trump is not expected to be fired.

Trump: No Republicans to Fall

Trump said he would not watch the impeachment debate and called the whole process a “prank.” When Congress voted on the impeachment clause, Trump attended a supportive parade of supporters in Battle Creek, Michigan. When he heard the results, he said that the impunity of this lawless party impeachment is the way for the Democratic Party to commit suicide. He emphasized that the Republican Party was very united and did not lose any votes.

The White House also issued a statement, describing today as the most shameless political chapter in local history, without a Republican vote, and unable to prove Trump’s wrongdoing. The White House has criticized Democrats for impeaching improper terms and stressed that after several weeks of hearings, he has proven that he has not violated the law. The statement also said that the Democratic Party’s tricks reflect what the United States has lost, which is a House of Representatives serving the people.


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