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Chinese Experts: Trump Impeachment Case Is Not Bad for China

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The U.S. House of Representatives passed two impeachment bills against President Donald Trump on December 19, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not disclose when the impeachment case will be sent to the Senate. She said that she would first confirm Whether the court will conduct a fair trial.

Xia Liping, Dean of the Institute of International and Public Affairs at Tongji University in Shanghai, said in a December 20 interview with the Hong Kong News Agency that the Democratic Party’s delay in the Trump impeachment process is not a bad thing for China.

Xia Liping analyzed the Democratic Party ’s approach in an interview with the Hong Kong Zhongtong News Agency on the 20th: “First, for the Democratic Party, the main purpose of impeaching Trump is for next year ’s election. Since the Senate is the Republican home court, the impeachment case It will be rejected soon after arriving in the Senate. Therefore, the Democratic Party thinks that the longer the matter, the better it is for the election. It is best to delay it until March, April, or even later. “

Xia Liping continued: “Second, the impeachment case is currently the most important factor for unity within the Democratic Party. Because there are many differences within the party over many issues, candidates for the election next year have not yet been released. The impeachment case can form a common goal within the party— — Drive Trump out of office. If the impeachment case is quickly rejected, the most important factor in strengthening unity within the party will disappear. “

He said: “Third, during the Senate trial, the House will send several members to represent Trump as prosecutors and accuse Trump. In the Republican home court, these impeachment representatives may not only be impeached, but they may be severely beaten. Severe attacks. In addition, the presiding judge in the Senate’s impeachment will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a Republican, with obvious advantages. Instead of rushing to submit an impeachment case, the Democrats should wait and see. “

Xia Liping continued: “The polarization of the two parties in the United States is indeed becoming increasingly obvious and fierce. The two parties cannot compromise on many issues, which will definitely have a negative impact on the political ecology of the United States. This is caused by the long-term accumulation of domestic contradictions in the United States, which cannot be resolved.” He said, “The two major parties in the United States only have a common stand on toughness against China. This is to guide domestic contradictions outward to China. Therefore, the prolongation of the impeachment case is not a bad thing for China. The two parties fought fiercely, otherwise, if the impeachment case is soon concluded, they will have time to agree with China again. “


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