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Trump says talks with Xi Jinping over trade deal: dialogue is very good, talks about Hong Kong

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US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on Dec. 20 that he had a “very good” call with Chinese President Xi Jinping on trade agreements and other issues, and the two sides are preparing to sign the agreement. China later confirmed that Xi Jinping was on the phone with Trump at the appointment.

Trump: Also discussed North Korea, Hong Kong

Trump said on social media Twitter on December 20 that he had a “very good” call with Xi Jinping on issues such as trade talks and that the two sides were preparing to sign the agreement.

Trump said that China has started purchasing agricultural products and other products from the United States on a large scale, and the signing of the agreement is being arranged. In addition, the two sides have discussed and made progress on North Korea and Hong Kong.

On December 20, Xi Jinping attended the inaugural ceremony of the Fifth Government of Macau and delivered a speech. In his speech, he emphasized that the handling of the affairs of the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions was entirely China’s internal affairs, and there was no need for any external forces to fiddle with it. And the Chinese people’s will to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests is as firm as a rock, and no external forces are allowed to interfere in Hong Kong and Macao affairs.

On the other hand, regarding the remarks made by the United States on “China will purchase US $ 200 billion worth of goods and services in the next two years” and “China will purchase US $ 40 billion to US $ 50 billion worth of agricultural products from the United States each year.” China has not confirmed this so far.

The U.S. stock market hit a record high again after the market opened on December 20. As of now, the S & P 500 index is 3,220.54 points, up 0.47% from the previous trading day.


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