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Trump says he will sign trade agreement with Xi Jinping

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US President Donald Trump told reporters on December 24 that the first phase of the China-US trade agreement has been completed, is currently being translated, and there will be a signing ceremony in the future. The reporter repeatedly asked if he would sign an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He responded that “we will eventually, yes, when we get together.” (We will ultimately, yes, when we get together.)

Trump: Agreement has been completed and currently in translation

Trump accepted a question from a reporter at Haihu Manor on the same day. When a reporter asked whether China and the United States would hold a signing ceremony for a trade agreement, he said, “I’m very likely to do this, yes, when appropriate. We will have Small ceremonies, and eventually we will have (official ceremonies). “

The reporter then asked if he would sign a trade agreement with Xi Jinping. He said, “We will eventually, yes, when we meet. But we (China and the United States) will have a faster signing because we want to complete it and the agreement has been completed. , Currently in translation. “

China and the United States have not yet revealed the official date for signing the trade agreement. Trump previously stated on December 21 that China and the United States have made a breakthrough in the trade agreement and will soon sign the agreement. On the phone, he also emphasized that Beijing has started to buy billions of dollars of American agricultural products.

The China-U.S. Trade war lasted more than a year. At the end of December 13, the two countries announced that they had reached the first phase of a trade agreement and would begin negotiations on a second phase agreement.


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