When our passions and entrepreneurial spirits combine, there are no limits to where technological innovation can take the humanity.

6Wave Experiences are proud to bring an outstanding line up of elite experts to Davos for a 7 day discussion exploring the world’s most pressing problems in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Kicking off in Monaco at the prestigious Saas Cafe, guests will pit stop in Milan for a cultural and entertainment experience at the La Scala Opera House before reaching the Swiss Alps.

Once in Davos, world leaders from all different industries will gather at the 6Wave House in Klosters for a series of daily fireside chats and organic wine tastings before the main events take place at the Piano Bar and the Seehof Hotel on the 23rd and 24th of January.

In affliction with the Geneva Polo Club, Davos Syndicate, InvestShow, SiGMA and Kings of Media, the 6Wave Experience is an exclusive think tank in an upscale, private environment where leaders and impact investors can discuss major issues and form crucial relationships to drive change. Daily discussions will focus on a variety of topics from how esports and gaming can help solve global problems to how VR & AR is re-shaping educational and free time of the future generations.

On the 23rd of January, an all day event will take place at the Piano Bar revealing key insights into the mindsets of the newer generations and how leaders can utilise gaming and esports to meet their countries agendas.
The event will be followed by an informal networking party with music provided by world class DJs, NINJA (Ibiza / London) and DJ Mati (Bulgaria).

On the 24th of January, the event will continue at the Seehof Hotel where a focus on sustainable investment into the game development and esports industries will be discussed, as well as insights into brand loyalty and engagement for advertisers and brand owners.

6Wave Experiences CEO and panel moderator, Evgeny Xata, said “As the popularities of traditional TV methods and sports is declining, it is crucial that leaders understand the mindset and importance of the new generations to truly maximise investments into this space and further align strategies to each countries economic agenda. ”

6Wave was created by Evgeny Xata, the co-author of: Sixth Mega-Cycle: What can economic history teaches us about the future?

The event is set to finish in Bad Ragaz where a thermal spa day is organised for guests to rejuvenate on the 25th, finishing off with a farewell drink at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich on the 26th of January.

Further information: https://6wave.net/

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