The World Health Organization (WHO) stated on January 19 that according to the latest analysis, “2019 new coronavirus” (2019-nCoV) is a limited human-to-human transmission, and is closely monitoring and evaluating the scope of human-to-human transmission. Hold an emergency meeting.

WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic responded by email to a Central News Agency reporter on the 19th asking about the spread of the virus, stating that according to the latest information and WHO analysis, there is evidence that 2019-nCoV is a limited person-to-person transmission, which is in contrast to other people Respiratory diseases, especially other coronavirus outbreaks, are consistent in experience.

Yasarevic said that although there is no clear evidence of continuous transmission from person to person, there is currently insufficient evidence to assess the overall range of person-to-person transmission, which is one of the issues that WHO is closely monitoring.

He emphasized that if the situation requires action, WHO can convene an emergency meeting to discuss the matter within a short period of time.

The organization also puts forward some instructions for 2019-nCoV on its website. In terms of treatment methods, it says that there is no specific treatment method for diseases caused by new coronavirus. However, many symptoms can be managed, so they need to be treated according to the clinical situation of the patient.

The WHO also calls on the general public to strengthen self-protection and recommends maintaining hand hygiene and avoiding close contact with anyone who shows symptoms of respiratory diseases such as coughing and sneezing.

The World Health Organization pointed out on the 14th that the new type of coronavirus that appears in China may be “limited to human-to-human transmission.” At present, it is mainly small-scale cluster infections among family members, but the epidemic may spread. The organization will prepare for the large-scale spread and point out that it is issuing guidelines for infection control to hospitals around the world in response to possible virus transmission. However, later on the same day, the WHO pointed out on the social networking site page that there is no evidence that there will be a limit of “human-to-human transmission”, but there is no conclusive conclusion about the virus transmission pattern. It is always worth paying attention to, so further investigation is needed.


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