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Coronavirus: 1 to 4 new cases in South Korea

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There have been many cases of “Wuhan pneumonia” caused by the new coronavirus around the world. The latest one was confirmed in South Korea on January 27, and two more cases were added in the United States on the 26th. A total of 5 cases have been confirmed so far. Earlier on the same day, the first suspected confirmed case appeared in Canada, and new confirmed cases also occurred in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

This article will continue to update the news of the epidemic situation in various places.

South Korea: 4 confirmed cases added

South Korea’s Disease Management Headquarters reported on the 27th that a 55-year-old South Korean man who had entered the country on the 20th after arriving in Wuhan, China, was diagnosed with the new coronavirus, the fourth new pneumonia case in the country.

After returning to China, the patient presented with cold symptoms on the 21st and sought treatment again on the 25th, with fever and muscle soreness, and was listed as an observation subject. After being diagnosed with pneumonia at the health station on the 26th, he was classified as a suspected new type of pneumonia until He was diagnosed on the 27th and needs to be quarantined.

South Korea confirmed third case of new coronavirus infection. A 54-year-old South Korean man from Wuhan, China, was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus on January 26.

The patient was a resident of Wuhan City, China. After the onset of symptoms that day, he was quarantined in a hospital in Gyeonggi-do.

US: Increased number of confirmed cases to 5

U.S. Jan. 26 confirmed two new cases of coronavirus infection. The total number has so far increased to 5.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that two new confirmed cases came from Los Angeles County, California, and Maricopa County, Arizona. Both patients have been to Wuhan, Hubei, China, and are currently in hospital Receive isolation treatment.

Earlier on the 26th, the Orange County Health Care Agency in California announced the third confirmed case of Wuhan pneumonia in the country on the same day.The patient was from Orange County, California. According to a press release issued by the authorities, the patient is from Wuhan, China and is currently being quarantined in a hospital in good condition.

Japan: Addition of a cumulative fourth confirmed case

Japan ’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced on the 26th that a fourth confirmed case was reported in the country. A 40-year-old man living in Wuhan traveled to Japan on the 22nd and developed fever. He went to the hospital in Aichi Prefecture. He was diagnosed with the new coronavirus pneumonia on the 26th. This is the fourth confirmed case in Japan.

Thailand: 8 confirmed cases

Thailand, which has the largest number of confirmed cases in many countries or regions, came to the 8th on the 26th. Thai health officials held an emergency meeting with officials responsible for transportation and tourism on the 26th.

Of the confirmed cases in the country, one person is Thai and the other seven are Chinese. The Thai patient was diagnosed after returning to Thailand from Wuhan during the New Year. At present, 5 people have been cured and discharged, and 3 people are being treated in isolation at the hospital. No cases have been reported locally.

Portugal: first suspected case

Portugal’s National Ministry of Health noted the country’s first suspected case of a new coronavirus. Local media reported that the patient was an adult man. He arrived in Portugal from Wuhan on January 25 and is being treated and isolated at a hospital in Lisbon. The condition is stable.

Canada: first suspected confirmed case

The Canadian government issued a statement on January 25, stating that the first “presumed” confirmed case of new coronavirus appeared in the local area. The patient had been to Wuhan, China, and felt unwell after returning to Canada.

The patient was a man in his 50s who flew from Guangzhou, China to Toronto, Canada on the 22nd and was admitted to a local hospital for isolation and treatment on the 23rd. His initial test was positive and he is now waiting for a second result.

Ontario health officials said the patients returned to their home by private transport after arriving at Toronto Airport. His family and friends who have been in close contact with him have been isolated for further observation by the authorities. However, the government declined to disclose the number.

Singapore: confirmed fourth case

Singapore announced in the early morning of January 26 that the country confirmed the fourth case of imported new coronavirus.

A statement from the local Ministry of Health stated that the patient was a 36-year-old man from Wuhan, China. He arrived in Singapore with his family on the 22nd. He is currently undergoing isolation treatment at Sengkang General Hospital and is in stable condition.

The “New Straits Times” reported that the patient had no symptoms on the aircraft, started to cough on the 23rd, and went to the hospital the next day for treatment. He was listed as a suspicious case and was immediately quarantined. The infection was confirmed on the 25th.

The patient was staying at the Village Hotel Sentosa before admission and the Ministry of Health is pursuing his close contacts.

Singapore confirmed two more cases of new coronavirus infection on January 24, and the number of confirmed cases increased to three on the same day.

Malaysia: 4 new confirmed cases

On the evening of January 25, Malaysia announced the fourth confirmed case of 2019 new coronavirus, and the authorities announced only a few hours ago that the first three related virus cases were recorded in the country. The four people diagnosed were tourists from Wuhan, China.

Malaysian Health Director Noor Hisham Abdullah said the latest confirmed case was a 40-year-old man from Wuhan who traveled by bus from Singapore to Johor in southern Johor on the 22nd One of the members. The patient was seen in a hospital in Johor on the 23rd due to fever.

Nour Hisham said in a statement: “He is currently experiencing fever and cough but is in stable condition.” Inspection by the Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre of the Ministry of Health Malaysia confirmed that the man was infected with the new coronavirus.


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