The new pneumonia epidemic is spreading worldwide. As of March 19, 199 people have been diagnosed in Russia. The Kremlin said on March 20 that President Vladimir Putin is in good health and does not need to be tested for a new virus.

However, Putin is still “safety first”. All the people around him must be tested for viruses. According to Russian media reports, when Putin went to the Crimea to attend the meeting earlier, the people participating in the meeting were tested before the event.

Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov answered reporters’ questions on whether Putin passed the new coronavirus test on March 20: “President Putin is not necessary to test for new coronavirus and he has no symptoms. Thank God, he I feel very good about myself and continue to work well. “

Peskov emphasized that all people around the president are tested for the new crown virus, which is a reasonable precautionary measure so that the head of state can continue to work with confidence.

As to whether people in contact with the president were tested for the virus, Peskov responded by saying that “we think this is reasonable precautions so that the president can continue to work with confidence. Everyone around him must take precautions. “

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu said at a meeting of the ministry that the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff leadership had passed virus tests and the results showed no one was infected. “The Ministry of Defence and the Chief of Staff conducted a new crown virus test yesterday. Fortunately, no one was infected,” Shoigu said.

Russian satellite news agency reported on March 19 that Putin recently held a meeting with the people of Crimea. Some sources revealed that, for safety reasons, all the people involved in the meeting were tested for viruses before the event, and samples were submitted for inspection. The British “Daily Mail” said that the reporters accompanying Putin at that time had to be tested beforehand.


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