Hujan Asset Management private firm from London, covering vast business fields including government’s infrastructure and urban development projects, real estate investments, health industry services and investments, natural resources, general trade, business consulting services is aiming to become the next super unicorn corporation and leader in the mainstream industries.

Premiere PR and advertising firm, Stankevicius MGM, will support Hujan Asset Management in international branding and advertising, and AnA (Ayla and Associates) will support Hujan Asset Management in real estate development and business.

The executive team of Hujan Asset Management is well established and consists of strong former CEOs and executives. The team has extensive experience in real estate development, investments, general trade and business consultancy. 

The mission for Hujan Asset Management is to become one of the major leaders in the mainstream industries and provide services to global companies and private clients worldwide. 

The top priority for Hujan Asset Management is to become a controlling leader in infrastructure of urban and industrial area development and regeneration, real estate, healthcare, and technology and education. 



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