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The British royal family Prince Harry and his wife Meghan were still incessant after they left the royal family. The British “Daily Mail” reported on April 27 that Meghan had privately complained to friends, she thought the royal family Treating her is different from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. If the media criticizes Kate, the royal family will not tolerate it, but the royal family does not treat her like this.

The media also reported that Prince Harry and Meghan are preparing to publish a book. The interview tells the story of “running away” from the royal family, which is expected to be published in August.

“Daily Mail” reported that Meghan privately told friends that if Kate was continuously criticized by the media, the royal family would try to prevent it, or even change the policy on the media to deter the criticism of the tabloids, meaning that he did not get The same treatment.

Meghan “declared war” to the tabloid recently, and went to court with the gossip media. He also issued a statement saying that he would not cooperate with these media. The Daily Mail quoted the news as saying that Meghan said “no one in the royal family should be Surprised. “She told her friends that everyone knows Harry’s views on the British tabloid, and Harry also thinks he needs to stand up for Meghan, the sons of the two and his mother Princess Diana.

The Daily Mail also reported on April 25th that Harry and Meghan were going to publish a book about the royal story of the two. Translated “Completely Modern Royal Family: The Real World of Harry and Meghan”, 320 pages, expected to be available on August 11th. The book will be dedicated to royal news reporters Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand )write.


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