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WWLC (World Women Leading Change) was founded in 2018 by Prof. DR. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA (Indonesia). Co-founded by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Women Leaders International Network, Vietnam, Co-founded and preceeded Mrs. Maris Stella (Indonesia), Mrs. Rolyta Manullang (Indonesia) Mrs. Gadis Saras Amanda (Indonesia), Ms. Kyla Christie (Indonesia), Mrs. Rhesma Bhojwani (Indonesia), Mrs. Shilpa Spoorthy (India), Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia), Datin Jalina (Malaysia), DR. Rupa Vasudevan (India), Mrs. Megan Jing Li (China), Mrs. Carla Barbela (Philippine), Datin Malliga Subramanian (Bangladesh), Mrs. Ingrida Kim (Russia), Mrs. Alice Kamunge (Africa), Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Kenya), DR. Devi Erna Rachmawati (Indonesia), Mrs. Julastina (Indonesia), Mrs. Lorena Muro (Peru), Mrs. Maya Miranda (Indonesia) Mrs. Anna Stukkert (Germany), Mrs. Caroline Verkaik (USA), Mrs. Shalini Kochhar (Monaco) Mrs. Asti Ananta (Indonesia), Mrs. Insana Habibie (Indonesia), Datin Sri Paduka Abby Lau (Singapore), Mrs. Maya Hasan (Indonesia), Mrs. Lingga (Indonesia), Mrs. Saba Fatima (India), Mrs. Velisia Sitaggang (USA). It focuses on social impact on humanity by empowering women as educators of future and nation. Using the latest technology as satellite we are proudly bringing to you our new innovation WLC (World Leadership Video Conference). 

World Leadership Conference was initiated by World Woman Leading Change Technology Program by Advance Technology scheduled every April, Women Leader International Network would have WOMEN GLOBAL Forum, in Amazing 2020 Covid-19 moments, we will burn the TORCH of women deliberation celebrating World Heroes of Empowerment such as you are all are and broadcast World Leadership Conference online with an amazing line up of speakers who will share their expertise and experience. Sponsored by Ayla Associate, HUJAN Holding & Asset Management, Global Property Bank & Technology Centre. 

WLC was initiated in collaboration with: 

1. World Women Leading Change, (Women Leader Indonesia Network) 

2. Women Leader International Network, 

3. Business Style International Network, 

4. Global Property Bank and Technology Centre 

5. Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce (MWCC) 

6. World Women Forum (WWTIF) 

7. BESTIU University India 

8. Tanri Abeng University 

9. Indonesian Gastronomy Association 

10. India Economic Trade Association 

11. Asia Arab Chambers of Commerce 

12. International Diplomatic Organization 

13. BRICS International Forum. 

14. American Reporter, 

15. World Forum for Education 


1. Yayasan Pancamaha 

2. Bubu 

3. Supertext 

4. Women on Top Inclusiveness 

5. iMega industry Co.Ltd 

6. Vera Beauty & Fashion College 

7. Woman Startup Network 

8. Baladhika Karya 

9. Rempah by Multiflora 

10. Qarya by Datin Jalina 

WORLD LEADERSHIP Video CONFERENCE is to create the world’s biggest online Conference Seminar to build HIGH CONSCIOUS and Resilience amongst World Leaders to Lead Changes in times of Corona Pandemic, Social Impact and Share Knowledge Of Wisdom. 


We would like to create Regular Cycle of Conference hosted in different countries every Monday & Thursday starting 8th of April 2020. 

The Intention is to create an impact on Everyone’s lives. The Value of your life is defined by the impact you create, knowledge and experiences you share and the children you raise. 

Social value in LIFE and business is as simple as sharing knowledge and experience to lift others! 

Positive Messages is to be pass to people and give courage to them facing the world most turbulence time after the 2nd World War. We must be FASTER Than CORONA. 

Please pass this message by making them attend or speaking let them be the agent of CHANGE. 

The main objective is to spread positivity in the Global scale and together finding solutions. 

WLC consists of entrepreneurs and top leaders in their fields from all over the world both from Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) as well as from Russia and European countries (Ukraine, UK, Italy, France, Monaco and others), Africa (Kenya), the Middle East (Qatar), Australia and the United States. 

WLC conducts 6 center of new world management throughout the world, which are; Health Center which will be led by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Vietnam), Wellness Center which will be led by Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Africa), Singing for kindness Center which will be led by Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia) , Culinary Center which will be led by Mr. Indrakarona Ketaren (Indonesia), Technology Center which will be led by Datin Malin Subramanian (Bangladesh), and Education Center which will be led by Dr. Rupa Vasudevan (India). 

Just choose the topic that will be associated with the theme … So it is not Covid-19 that is the main issue, but the impact on people’s lives and businesses that occur (tourism, business, culture, food & beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, community life etc.) while encouraging the world. 


Host: Imelda Fransisca (Indonesia) 

Miss Indonesia and Asean 2005, book author, property developer, Top Indonesian Forbes Women 

Topic: Fighting Spirit In Challenging Times Date: Thursday, 23rd April 2020 

Time: 3 PM WIB / 8 AM GMT 


Nhi Le (Australia) 

“Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Guide, Co-Founder of Lightseeds (a company focused on delivery technology and services to optimize peoples lives), was previous a Medical Imaging Technician 


1. Tantowi Yahya (Indonesia) 

→ Presenter, Politician, Ambassador of Indonesia to New Zealand, Samoa and Tonga. 

Key Point: The imagination and creativity unleash by limitation in a lockdown. Some people underestimated limitation. But interestingly, people find limitation is a power or a hidden treasure. For example: Success for woman and men is different. Because they are living in constrains, then they become creative. The imagination is unleashed by limitation. 

Lockdown always gives birth to a lot of creativity, a lot of superstars, a lot of new people with new creativity. The beauty of lockdown, the spirit of family, the spirit of togetherness. We can never imagine unless you are in the lockdown itself, In this situation we have to maintain creativity and learn new things. 

2. Hiramsyah S Thaib (Indonesia) 

→ Turn Around CEO, Strong Leadership, Business Strategy, Excellence Execution,Corporate Transformation,Crisis Management And Goverment. 

Key Point: Hope: After a crisis there is always a big opportunity. 

There is possibility people will be back to normal. People should be prepared for the new challenge and opportunities at the new era. After a crisis, there is always a big opportunity, but sometimes we just focus with the crisis, we are not ready in preparing the future after the crisis, the important things for to do this is to maintain significant hopes, we believe that everything will pass, The storm will pass and every cloud has a silver lining. So, let’s prepare for the new 

challenges and opportunities at the new normal era. 

As a human being, we have the capability to learn how to handle these things and get big opportunity especially gives to the people, how to help more people and how to make everything better than before. 

3. Johnwei Muljono (Indonesia) 

→ Chairman of I Hear Foundation & Gema Learning Center, President of Ohio State University Alumni Association of Indonesia, Founder & President Director – Building Material Manufacturer, Supplies & Services (Moncrete International) – Agroland (Property Development). 

Key Point: Competency will come as long as you believe. Life is about changing and adapting. 

We believe that family is number one, make decision that we can move on along the process, and learn the competency along the way. 

How can this relate to COVID-19? 

Believe and decision first, competencies later. I believe that this principle is applicable. Everyone is having issues. Everyone have to change and adapt. For us to change and adapt and to do something: 

1. We have to believe this is not the end of the world 

2. There are still future that we can view 

3. There have to be some optimism 

With that believe, only then you can change and adapt. When you do change and adapt, do you have the competency that you need to move on? You may or may not. But it doesn’t matter as long as you have strong believe and a strong will you can still play it off. 

I really hope that with this same discipline we can face all the challenges we have, raise above that, and eventually withdraw and win this war with COVID-19. 

4. Doni Priliandi (Indonesia) 

→ Founder & CEO of Happy5. 

Key Point: Never give up HOPE but never deceive yourself from current reality. Five years ago, almost nobody believes in us (Happy5). Now we serve the biggest bank in Indonesia, and leading global market. This COVID-19 is amazing. This is so powerful. 

I believe COVID-19 is the most defining for people around the world. Never give up HOPE but never deceive yourself from current reality. The survivors who come out of this darkest period go on to become the business leaders of many generations to come. 

5. Drs Seno Probosawitro (Indonesia) 

→ Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, Indonesia Body Builder Federation. 

Key Point: Always positive thinking, good health, good food, pray, and maintain your immunity or antibody. 

COVID-19 is given by God, Covid is like a cholera virus in 1820, because the virus is spread, you can’t do anything, unless one your immunity, your antibody and that’s why we have to lockdown. Now the important things we have to do is always positive thinking, good sleep, good food and pray because Covid is given, you can’t avoid, it’s worse than what can’t imagine. 

God now has selected us, which one is better for the world, because the world is healing itself now, there is no pollution. In Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, it was hard to use online system. Now, they realize it is important to go digital. Now Everybody goes to digital, You must change or die. So don’t worry, be happy, only God can save us. 

6. Maya Hasan (Indonesia) 

→ Crossed-Over Professional Harpist, Certified Music Practitioner, Quantum Physics And Brainwave Entrainment Practitioner. Member Of Indonesian Gastronomy Association (IGA), Indonesian Harpist Artist 

Key Point: Frequencies in emotion and the art of breathing to relieve anxiety and stress in COVID-19 situation. 

We see, many people are devastated because of job, the right of anxiety and stress all around us. These feeling are emerging emotion their call emotion. There are positive ones and negative ones. The fact that Every emotion has frequencies, for example: the highest is enlightenment 700+ Hz, the feeling of peace is 600 Hz, joy is 540 Hz, love is 500 Hz, fear is 100 Hz, and 20 Hz for shame. 

We have to manage our emotion to self-heal. For example: with the art of breathing or the mindful breathing. It is a slow diaphragmatic breathing. Human already actually using this as medicinal method distinctively. 

Breathing is very much infinitely link with our mental function, here is where the mind and the 

body connection is. To help others we need to know how to save ourselves first, and to protect ourselves we need to raise of energy frequencies has reviving our immune system. Which is exactly what we need right now is our ability to solve here, what kind of breathing, there are many kinds of breathing, but this one our called the mindful breathing, it’s a slow diaphragmatic breathing resonance frequency breathing pass invention. 

This kind of breathing regulacy our autonomic nervous system and our circulate neurotic system and it is calming the vital of the fight-or-flight response. Increasing the activity of sympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve. 

7. Asty Ananta (Indonesia) 

→ President of InfinyCare Foundation, Brand Ambassador, TV Host & Presenter. 

Key Point: We still have hope and using our creativity to fight this pandemic With the pandemic that’s going on, It’s hard for the entertainer, it’s hit us hard because we are facing a hard time, but as entertainer the most important thing is we are still able to entertain others, using own creativity at this situation, because we are not able to work as usual, like show on TV has been restricted, shooting season for commercial TV series and movies to be postponed and our contract like off-air show has to be cancelled. Being entertainer it’s hard means that we will always continue to try entertain people even without getting paid. 

In This fight that is happening in this moment we still have hope and still can find the way to be creative. 

Mrs Asty Ananta also creates InfinyCare Foundation to support medical and non- medical who affected by Coronavirus. 

8. Caecil Papadimitriou (Indonesia) 

→ Indonesian World-class Antique Collectors. 

Key Point: Story about living with art and antiquarian 

Now We have to stay at home with the feeling of hope, hope because God has the p power to end this pandemic, so let us pray for all power and for the whole nation and stay healthy and follow the rules. As a woman, we have to create happiness in the house. 

She explain about textile, textile give an identity over country, when you go abroad and you used batik, people will know that this is not a common textile. This is Batik and they will ask right away: Are you from Indonesia? You must be proud because you have something to 

recognize your identity. And there are also many other textiles, because Indonesia has about 7.000 islands. And almost every island has their signature textiles. For examples there are Sumba Textiles, also when Indonesia had conflict with Timor Timur, they also create textiles. In her life, the best medicine is to take care of her paintings and textile with her husband. 

“In this kind situation let us now stay home and create happiness, if you create happiness we create health, and when we have health we have hope, hope of the power of God” 

9. Naomi Nga Doan (Vietnam) 

→ CEO of MindsVibe Co. Ltd., Partner Of WLIN QUEEN Vietnam. 

Key Point: Perspective of CEO during COVID-19: Be the leader in your organization. 

Her people in Minds Vibe Co. Ltd. have been very cautious toward the COVID-19. Perspective of the CEO during COVID-19: the things is all the CEO and the leader who needs to have the scenario for their company as well as the entrepreneur for your organization would be different. What we are going to test to for our case in WLIN QUEEN, we have to brief the scenario to all the team to put in practice. So the leader know about what is going to happen and how we coordinate and manage the internal is important. We have to understand the costumer and give them the right solutions, for example being flexible with their client operation change, or even for the term of payment. The effort that we need to put in the organization so we can make our company survive. 

With COVID-19, we understand the value of life, how to have a good health and acknowledge how to take care of our self and family more, and we have to move from offline to online activity, make a digital knowledge and how to maintain it. Do not forget to be a warrior of your life. Now is the very good time to be connected to people, for instance like this conference. We have to find opportunity to grow together. Please be safe and Be a warrior in your life 

10. Neetu Garg (India) 

→ Program Manager currently working with IBM India. 

Key Point: Leader perspective of working from home 

After 4 weeks that we have to work from home because of lockdown declare at the country level. Our first priority was physical head and maintain well-being for all employees in this challenging time to global pandemic. Establish new guidelines, turned this adversity to opportunity and given all of IBM members work from home so they can run the business as usual, It was mostly complicated to struggling in between work home balance at first, we started to work things out in the second week, but now I’m very much impress in how we have adapted 

in moving along, driving business as usual and this is becoming our new normal. But we still having innovation, meeting, and trying to find out what new can be done in our current account. 

As a leader, it is important to maintain well-being for employment. Because now everything has changed. What has not changed? Believe in technology and there is no greater evidence on what all I do inside now. 

Corona is a new pandemic which has struggles in world wide in kind of situation, but while other world war had devided the nations, this World War III is having a uniting effect and the world have lived the ever seen having global coordinated towards one goal is to searching vaccines, economic measures, and saving lives to eliminate COVID-19. This is the best time to try innovate faster. Fun thing is, future of technology in moment we all will be witnessing video conferencing because of the comfort zone, it is not limited to IT industry now. 

Apart of that, how we can utilities period of family life. This is the best time to spend more time with family and teach family values to all kids, being motivated. Let’s start this challenge with Motivation, Commitment, Culture to achieve. 

11. Brad Shaw (United Kingdom) 

→ Risk and Resilience Trainer, Avoid, Deter and Deter (ADD) by Protecting of People and Assets. 

Key Point: Taking care of our well-being to respect other people during COVID 19. 

In this situation, there are four things that is important. 

1. Respect each other during the COVID-19. 

2. You may get stress in living alone. So, pay attention to your routine in hygiene and health. 

3. Do exercise every day. 

4. Don’t be selfish with each other. 

Closing from Mrs. Imelda Fransisca 

Being the fighter is to push the fear for family and for people who is working with us. Lead us to have a stronger mindset 

World Leadership Conference 

18 International Organization where she call up all world leaders to spread Positivity already on batch No 10 and will turn to 6 Crisis Management Centre focus in 24 Countries which is Born from World Leadership Conference. 


World Leadership Centre, born leadership in focus in Industry to be aware and rise. 

World Alliance Centre For Education 

World Forum for Education 

1. DR Rupa Vasudevan (India) 

2. Bradley Emerson (Bangladesh) 

3.John Wei Muljono (Indonesia) 

4. Brad Shaw (United Kingdom) 

World Alliance Food and Lifestyle Centre 

1. Indrakarona Ketaren (Indonesia) 

2. Mario Gallo (Italia) 

3 Alice Kamunge (Kenya) 

4. Panca Sarungu (Indonesia) 

World Alliance Wellness Centre 

1. Joy Wanjiru (Centre for Kids Kenya) 

2. Maya Hasan (Indonesia) 

3. Nhi Le (Australia) 

4. Prof Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel (India) 

World Alliance Art Centre 


1. Stella Lim (Malaysia) 

2. Megan Jing Li (China) 

3. Ingrida Kim (Russia) 

4. Dr. Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar (India) 

World Alliance Centre Technology Opportunities 

1. Datin Maliga Subramanian (Bangladesh) 

2. Martin Jacobson (Sweden) 

3. Julastina (Indonesia) 

4. Arijit Bhattacharyya (India) 

World Alliance Centre Health Opportunities 

1. Helen Hurong (Vietnam) 

2. Paulius Stankevicius (Findland). 

3. Dr. Devi Erna Rachmawati (Indonesia) 

4. Dr Sergey Dvorianov (Russia) 

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