hujan holding

As interest in the technology sector has risen a lot due to constant innovation in technology sector and disruption in developed as well as emerging markets through advanced technological solutions, Hujan Holding an asset management firm with professional background with decades of experience in real estate investments is now stepping into technology sector to search for the next unicorn.

Hujan Holding holds specific interest in healthtech startups and companies with already working solutions which are looking to grow and scale internationally. Hujan Holding brings staff of over 300 expert professionals to handle all important aspects for a startup including but not limited to financing, legal, technology, manufacturing, sales and marketing and global partnerships.

Hujan Holding is open to the global startup scene all the way from New York to London, Stockholm, Paris, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Hujan Holding startup program has already taken place in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta and is soon looking to step into cities of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The firm is approachable online already now and you don’t have to wait for Hujan Holding to come to your city. You are welcome to join Hujan Holding online!

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