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WWLC (World Women Leading Change) Batch 10 Overview

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WWLC (World Women Leading Change) was founded in 2018 by Prof. DR. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA (Indonesia). Co-founded by Mrs. Helen Hurong (Women Leaders International Network, Vietnam, Co-founded and preceded Mrs. Maris Stella (Indonesia), Mrs. Rolyta Manullang (Indonesia) Mrs. Gadis Saras Amanda (Indonesia), Mrs. Stella Lim (Malaysia), Datin Jalina (Malaysia),  DR. Rupa Vasudevan (India), Mrs. Megan Jing Li (China), Mrs. Carla Barbela (Philippine), Datin Malliga Subramanian (Bangladesh), Mrs. Ingrida Kim (Russia), Mrs. Alice Kamunge (Africa), Mrs. Joy Wanjiru (Kenya),Mrs. Wanja Wathingira (Kenya), Mrs. Rebecca Morudu (Africa), Ms. Ashlyn Gurupatham (India) , Amb. Debbie Dineo Raphuti (South Africa), Mrs. Loise Muiruri (Kenya),  Mrs. Julastina (Indonesia), Mrs. Caroline Verkaik (USA), Datin  Sri Paduka Abby Lau (Singapore), Mrs. Maya Hasan (Indonesia), Mrs. Velisia Sitaggang (USA). It focuses on social impact on humanity by empowering women as educators of future and nation. Using the latest technology as satellite we are proudly bringing to you our new innovation WLC (World Leadership Video Conference).

World Leadership Conference was initiated by World Woman Leading Change Technology Program by Advance Technology scheduled every April, Women Leader International Network would have WOMEN GLOBAL Forum, in Amazing 2020 Covid-19 moments, we will burn the TORCH of women deliberation celebrating World Heroes of Empowerment such as you are all are and broadcast World Leadership Conference online with an amazing line up of speakers who will share their expertise and experience. Sponsored by Ayla Associate, HUJAN Holding & Asset Management, Global Property Bank & Technology Centre, 4Stankevicius. 

WLC was initiated in collaboration with:

  1. World Women Leading Change, (Women Leader Indonesia Network)
  2. Women Leader International Network,
  3. Business Style International Network,
  4. Global Property Bank and Technology Centre
  5. Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce (MWCC)
  6. World Women Forum (WWTIF)
  7. BESTIU University India
  8. Tanri Abeng University
  9. Indonesian Gastronomy Association
  10. India Economic Trade Association
  11. Asia Arab Chambers of Commerce
  12. International Diplomatic Organization
  13. BRICS International Forum.
  14. American Reporter,
  15. World Forum for Education


  1. Yayasan Pancamaha
  2. Bubu 
  3. Supertext
  4. Women on Top Inclusiveness
  5. iMega industry Co.Ltd
  6. Vera Beauty & Fashion College
  7. Woman Startup Network
  8. Baladhika Karya
  9. Rempah by Multiflora 
  10. Qarya by Datin Jalina
  11. Voice Of Our Child
  12. S2 Signature Beauty and Wellness Hub
  13. Stankevicius MGM

WORLD LEADERSHIP Video CONFERENCE is to create the world’s biggest online Conference Seminar to build HIGH CONSCIOUS and Resilience amongst World Leaders to Lead Changes in times of Corona Pandemic, Social Impact and Share Knowledge Of Wisdom.


We would like to create Regular Cycle of Conference hosted in different countries every Monday & Thursday starting 8th of April 2020.

The Intention is to create an impact on Everyone’s lives. The Value of your life is defined by the impact you create, knowledge and experiences you share and the children you raise.

Social value in LIFE and business is as simple as sharing knowledge and experience to lift others!

Positive Messages is to be pass to people and give courage to them facing the world most turbulence time after the 2nd World War. We must be FASTER Than CORONA.

Please pass this message by making them attend or speaking let them be the agent of CHANGE.

The main objective is to spread positivity in the Global scale and together finding solutions.

WLC consists of entrepreneurs and top leaders in their fields from all over the world both from Asian countries (China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) as well as from Russia and European countries (Ukraine, UK, Italy, France, Monaco and others), Africa (Kenya), the Middle East (Qatar), Australia and the United States.

Just choose the topic that will be associated with the theme … So it is not Covid-19 that is the main issue, but the impact on people’s lives and businesses that occur (tourism, business, culture, food & beverage industry, hotels, restaurants, community life etc.) while encouraging the world.


Topic: How technology, network, and leadership help scale globally in Covid-19

Date: Monday, 4th May 2020


Vineet C. Nambiar (Qatar)

Founder of Mavericks 365

Founder of IBD


Prof. Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie (Indonesia)

Real Estate Investor & Consultant

Founder of Ayla Associates, World Women Leading Change, GPBTC

Advisor of Hujan Fund


As the moderator of batch 10, Dr. Ayla thanks all for the participation in world leadership conference. She also started off telling us about the story behind world leadership conference. She explains that the purpose of this conference is opening up the chakra of mind to reach to the whole world because at this moment the world is at a pandemic with a lot of grief and loss of mind and heart. And we would like to bring a positive impact.

As the host, Vineet Nambiar added every crisis will lead to something greater, what follows is incredible as assets will grow and opportunities will arise after Covid-19. 

This was also the launch of world alliance centres under world leadership conference.

Guest Speakers:

Bhupendra Gurung (London) – As a Nepalian living in london, leading one of the biggest group in the world which is Isodom Nepal – the goal of his company is to build the lower economy 1 house per year with sustainable eco technology.

Carla Cabrera (Philippines) – Talks about how technology, network and leadership can help scale globally in covid-19. 

As a branding consultant, what’s important is to have a plan of action, slowly pick up the confidence on how to survive this pandemic whether people are in business or in corporate. Despite this pandemic happening, she adds there is always opportunities and a silver lining behind everything. Online sales and digital marketing are all growing rapidly. Based on Mrs. Carla’s research on digital marketing strategy, she says google is suppressing the keywords Covid-19 because of how emotionally exhausting it already is.

Companies are finding innovative ways to repurpose their resources to distribute and market their goods and services. 

The world is slowly adjusting to the normal which is covid-19.

Danish Farook (India) – As Managing Partner of  DF Silverline, Real estate developer, broker and investor. Like every country covid has affected India in a big way, it is a very challenging time in India because they have not adapted to technology in a large population. India has 1.3 billion in population and 2-3% are urbanized, the rest are still in rural area. 

Going ahead there will be opportunities, what covid has created is that everybody is more adapted to technology, people are getting used to doing business in the new normal. Businesses have restarted and requirements are coming in, being in the real estate business there’s always some requirement, we are working towards strategize for the new normal and to ensure they are able to adapt to the changes that have been presented in our economy 

Angie (Malaysia) – As a jewelry designer and BNI business network, 

She talks about her experience in the past pandemic which is SARS, she converted her boutique in to an online jewelry house. During the lockdown she has converted all her classes online and sharing jewelry online. Bni has a frequent meeting before lock down, during lockdown BNI meet online and do business matching in countries and continue to network with business owners all around the world. They leverage on each others network and collaborate, that is how they move from having a single business to having multiple businesses and to grow their business as a team.

Pavel Rudonosky (Russia) – As the CEO of Rudonosky foundation, he spoke about art and culture will be important in the future worldwide. 

In the time of global digitalization, we are creating a new planet where everyone is trying to find their own place. Rudonosky foundation is trying to digitalize art. They realize by collecting art, the artefact and culture in general is the most important aspect of identity for human being because wherever we are, art gives us sense on our past lives.

Marcus Dee (Philippines) – Marcus Dee explains about the process that he went through to develop an end to end smart farming solution that is meant to scale globally. 

Starting with the overview that is happening in our environment, covid 19 has shown us how globally interconnected we are. This interconnectedness has made us vulnerable, one area of concern is our food supply chain. When the pandemic occurred, our food supply chain was disrupted throughout the world, in the Philippines a lot of cities had temporarily shortages.

 The main focus of the topic is how Marcus applied technology, networking, and leadership to develop a globally scalable and relevant product. The product is ” the smart farming solution.  To develop a globally scalable product you need to standardize across national borders, but also need to customize within national borders. The things that Marcus did in coming up with a solution are he looked at economies with scale and scope, he designed standard components that can be used across the world, and the developed common training standards and operating procedures.

Sandhal Taylor (USA) – From her countries perspective, it is important to highlight a few facts in regards to technology in the pandemic. 

The first thing Germany did was able to do was to transport and transverse their UV into making medical equipment. Every country is taking different opportunities such as distilleries, and manufacturer and coming together as a united front to fight this global pandemic. The other thing is that, the red cross has gone over to different areas of the world, not only collecting, but also sourcing information and their objectives to other places in the world. In Germany, the red cross has transported food and supplies to Turkey, Syria, and Greece. What’s amazing is, that it shows that good faith of utilizing technology and finding out where it is needed the most.

The last point Sandhal Taylor shared is that because of technology she was able to connect with her father who has just had surgery. 

For her as a leader, it is important to share technology to areas that don’t have it to provide more education, more supplies, more conferencing and more heartwarming connections than ever before.

Loise Muiruri (Kenya) – As the founder of 254 Sevenstone investments, the reason why she founded the investment is that a lot of young entrepreneurs do not have network and do not have good leadership and someone to guide them through that journey. If you don’t have a good backbone in a business, it can collapse within the first year. 

254 Sevenstone investments are helping entrepreneurs in Kenya with their businesses in different kinds of sectors. During the pandemic, They fortunate that colleges and universities approached so they can provide training for the young entrepreneurs at this time. When it comes to leadership, Loise added she believes we could thrive in business if we have mentors.  

Special Remarks (Soft Launch Hujan & Technology Fund):

Having originated in London in the last century with Industry financial sector, real estate and manufacturing businesses, the firm has evolved into an investment house having also existing in 20 Investor deck in a global mandate.

We are distinctive in two important ways.

First, we have long patient capital. Hujan focuses in Indonesia Infrastructure Opportunities and real estate and invests with a long-term perspective. We search carefully for the very best investment opportunities, wherever they may be found, with an eye for realizing value over time. Historically, we are in Real Estate and Technology, we focus on adding value to the company with our partners. 

Second, we have a distinctive Mission. Our Mission is to generate and allocate the social value capital and ideas that help people live more prosperous lives. While allocating capital to help others prosper is key to all that we do. Over the years we have expressed our Mission through a wide variety of philanthropic endeavors, including major efforts to eradicate Neglected environment, Diseases, abolish modern slavery and get hundreds of thousands of children giving skill set and KINDNESS. Whether we are investing in global capital markets or funding humanitarian projects, we use the same ‘investor’s lens’, leveraging our experience and unique perspective to move money to compelling ideas that can generate extraordinary social value that give impact. 

Our Vision & Mission is to be leading investment platform through highest degree of transparency, innovative investment and product solution and to create sustainable values to all stakeholders by rigor selection of investments and projects as well as collaborating with reputable local partners

We use Ayla Associates with the group communities World Women Leading Change as our arms and partner to reach common goals, giving impact and lead the changes. 

Hujan derived from the Indonesian word meaning rain, Hujan’s name is inspired by the thought of magical condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops, effort and sacrifice of many who have preceded us. We are convinced that what matters most in life is who we become. Through investment excellence and diligent stewardship, the Hujan team is building a legacy to benefit generations to come.

Leadership Team

Prof. DR. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA – Advisor & Partner

  Though a daughter of a highborn woman from Sukabumi, Indonesia and a Punjabi man from India, Dr. Ayla Aldjurie, MBA was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Straitened circumstances once forced her to rely on the kindness of strangers while studying aboard, but since then she had fought her way to get degree after degree including a master’s degree from top University in Indonesia and UK and Honorary doctorate and professorship degree from few university from France USA and Malaysia, while pursuing her doctoral degree from a top University in USA.

She established her real estate consulting company Ayla and Associate 2007. In just three years she was able to expand the company, launching luxury 3 property development projects in Bali, and Jakarta making invesment in various countries, and establishing headquarters in Indonesia, UK , Singapore.

With the goal of sharing her knowledge of Property Investment in 2017 Founded the Global Property and Technology Centre (GPBTC). An education platform on real estate professional standards. In April 2018, she Co-Founded and served as Advisor to Indonesia’s first property fintech enterprise Provesty, a platform that allows the public to invest in Real Estate with as little as Rp 1 million (some USD 70). Both ventures were done in collaboration with leading figures in Real Estate and Digital Industry.

 Ngurah Swajaya – Advisory & Partner

As the first Indonesian Ambassador to ASEAN on March 2010, He was later assigned at the Indonesian Permanent Mission to the United Nations, in New York City, USA from 1999-2003.

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ngurah served as the Director for the Multilateral Economic and Environment Cooperation, and the Director for ASEAN Political Security Cooperation until 2009.

He was sworn in by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Indonesia to the Kingdom of Cambodia on January 30, 2009, from 2009-2010.

 He presented the letter of credence from the President of the Republic of Indonesia to His Majesty, the King of Cambodia Norodom Sihamoni on April 22, 2009. Ngurah was later assigned to become the first Permanent Representative/Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to ASEAN. He presented the letter of credence from the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the Secretary General of ASEAN on behalf of ASEAN on March 23, 2010.

In February 2016, he was appointed as Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore.

Ngurah has been involved in several international, United Nations and ASEAN negotiations. He served as the Chair or the facilitator in many of those negotiations. He wrote articles for local newspapers and lecture at several universities in Indonesia.

Julastina – Partner & Chief Executive Officer

 Having 20 Years of Experience as Senior Finance Management within a prominent Company in Oil & Gas, mining and Infrastructure Sector, she is currently residing as CEO Ayla Associate Group. 

Martin Jacobson – Partner in Technology Fund

 Martin holds a Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnogy from the Royal Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Business and Administration from Stockholm University. He was previously with McKinsey & Co. Martin has had a strong interest in technology and science since childhood (in high school placing seven in Sweden’s national Math Olympiad).

He is the Founder & CEO of Supertext which is a unique communication service with and without internet connectivity or smartphone and has reached 7 million users and delivered 1 billion messages in Asia. 

Martin is responsible for the overall strategy and vision of the company. He guides product development and marketing and helps establishing key partnerships with operators.

Paulius Stankevicius – Partner in Health Fund

 Paulius Stankevicius, CEO and founder of Stankevicius MGM and Stankevicius Group, Stankevicius is a leading global advertising, marketing, and public relations firm that provides a wide range of advertising and marketing services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial companies, startups, and individuals. Founded in 2014, the firm is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and maintains locations in Hong Kong, Helsinki, and Minsk. 

Paulius managed over 300 private and public company clients for professional PR and advertising strategies. Stankevicius MGM has also recently released an advanced platform called Stankevicius Interactive Media with an access to hundreds of global and local media channels, enabling clients to get published in magazines and newspapers at ease.

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