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World Women Leading Change signing MOU on Cooperation Protocols with Bahraini Businesswomen’s Society

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With the aim of strengthening interrelationships and bringing Women Empowerment between the founding countries bilateral between Indonesia and Bahrain and 61 countries in the world where World Women Leading Change (WWLC) is already established. (https://worldwomenleadingchange.com/) (Google Play Apps/worldwomenleadingchange) KRA Prof. Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA, the Founder and World President of World Women Leading Change (WWLC) also the Founder and Chairperson of Ayla Associate Real Estate Consultant and Services Group Companies in 26 countries (Google Play Apps/worldwomenleadingchange), the Founder and Chairperson of Global Property Bank and Technology Centre (GPBTC) online education with International Standardization (https://gpbtcentre.net) and the Founder and Advisor of Hujan Holding and Asset Management (https://hujanholding.com) explain that World Women Leading Change (WWLC) is a
movement that empowers leading business women to lead, change and give impact to their families, work field, community, environment and industry by sharing knowledge, and mentored young talent and incubate business through duplication.


The Princess from Royal descendant of Asia Oldest Empire Tarumanagara and Prominent World-Class Real Estate Magnate explains that even though Indonesia is the founding birth country as she is Indonesian but WWLC is belong to the women of the world because I co-founded it with 40 other women all around the globe with similarities of vision in 2018. The movement is rapidly growing in 3 years of its establishment because of the unique approach of bringing the Diffable under Diffable Leading Change Inclusiveness by creating a brand and involving diffable inside the business world as an active contributor. WWLC launched a book in the House of Commons, Parliament House, United Kingdom in 2018. The book is about a story of 20 women around the globe who made changes in different industries with World Change Makers and
distributed in 180 countries worldwide. WWLC conducts 276 Leadership conferences and nominated as the most active Organization fighting Pandemic in 2020. KRA Prof. Dr. Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA founded World Leadership Conference, Asia Africa Investment Forum, World Women Investment Forum, World Changer Forum, and Co-founded Women Leader Forum with Women Leader International Network and World Forum For Education with University in India, where she sits in Asia-Africa Chair.

WWLC is movement at the heartbeat of its movement, encourages and invites woman entrepreneurs to be at the forefront in leading the change on various parts of life for other women, youth and children. It mobilizes women and youth entrepreneurs from various industrial sectors, countries, organizations and backgrounds, all of which will present access to the global market so that they can expand their business, network internationally and create vast new opportunities in the international market.

Today, we are delighted to add Bahrain as one of our countries through expanding both the Organization and the Business along to Bahrain. The Princess from Indonesia met the President of Bahrain Businesswomen Society (BBS), Ahlam Janahi, in India in 2019 and sit together in Asia Arab Chambers of Commerce and India Trade Organization and meet again in Four Season Bahrain during her visit to Manama. Ahlam Janahi explains it is an important step to build bridges of cooperation with international institutions concerned with the development of women. Both organizations signed a cooperation protocol in order to achieve the common economic goals stipulated in the programs. The work of both parties and business development to serve the role of women in the national economy and the members of both institutions is in accordance with the laws regulating work in the Kingdom. The Convention is an important step in strengthening economic relations between the two sides because of the common goals related to the development of the role of women in trade, investment and business. The agreement was signed for the Business Women’s Society, Ms. Ahlam Janahi, and the World Women Leading Change (WWLC) founder and world president of the initiative, KRA Prof. Dr Ayla Aldjufrie, MBA. The signing of the agreement was attended by some members of the
society board of directors also representative of the Indonesia Embassy in Manama Bahrain, Ms. Alia Fitrati.
On this occasion, businesswoman Ahlam Janahi said that the society intends to move forward in order to achieve its goals and programs to serve the members, and to cooperate with Bahraini and international economic institutions and centres to ultimately serve the Bahraini national economy, and achieve what would improve the performance of the members. It provides them with real opportunities to expand their businesses and increase their investments, which will undoubtedly benefit the national economy directly.
Janahi confirmed that this step comes within the implementation of the strategic plan to help the society members and Bahraini businesswomen in general to communicate at the International level, export their products outside the local market, and open lines of communication with new business communities to establish joint companies and investments. She expressed her happiness with this agreement, which came in light of the society celebrations of the 20th anniversary of its founding and the issuance of a documentary book on this occasion, and considered it a very positive step to build bridges of cooperation with important and influential economic sectors in the regional environment. Pointing out that it is an effective
step in order to enhance the status of the society and its relations with friendly international society and institutions with common interests, and said that this agreement can result in constructive and positive steps in order to enhance the role of Bahraini women economically and investment, and to develop the role of joint projects. With members of the initiative from all over the world in the service of the national economy.
KRA Prof. Dr Ayla Aldjufrie MBA, expressed her happiness at signing the protocol, and explained there is 18 Inclusiveness of Leading Change in industries to help Bahraini Business Women expand their business Internationally from duplication, strategic merger and acquisition, trade and Investment. We have 276 conferences on 2020 and 212 on 2021 online and every month, we have offline conference worldwide from Asia Europe USA Africa and Middle East and hoping to bridge Investment opportunities for SME specific in women and Innovation Sustainability Business with Social Impact with the Asset Management Company, Hujan Holding that she founded and advised. She also wanted to bring Indonesian UNESCO Art
Heritage Materials Batik to be known in Bahrain and work closely with Art and Fashion Designer in Bahrain and Gulf Country. “I’m delighted to have home in Gulf Country and Bahrain feels like home and reminds me of Bali Indonesia because the hospitality of the people and I would like to set up my Real Estate Headquarters Governing Gulf Countries in Bahrain beside London and Jakarta because of Advancements of Financials Sectors in Bahrain.” She also humble and honoured of the opportunity that’s given to her to strengthen cooperation between the two sides and the participation of the two parties in the events and conferences that are organized, as well as with regard to organizing joint activities and events, exchanging experiences and information of common interest and benefiting from the potentials. The scientific, practical and professional enjoyment of the two sides.


The MOU agreement on a set of basic items such as:
• encourages the parties to cooperate and work to facilitate their work to achieve their common economic goals.

• participation in the specialized expertise and experience of entrepreneurship and exchange in support of institutions emerging and take advantage of incubators to achieve the objective of this convention.

• coordinate with each other to expand the communication network in the field of business scope with a view
to cooperation in terms of trade and business.

• facilitate research programs and joint training.

• cooperating in the fields of organizing training and rehabilitation courses for female entrepreneurs, providing advice and the necessary needs for them, and increasing their capabilities to enter the markets and compete.

• publish and promote a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity among women in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the provision of supporting programs to empower women through these programs to develop their skills to work.

• maintain the confidentiality of information exchanged between them and not to advertise only with the written consent of the parties.

Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society was established in 2000 and aims to empower women and enhance their role, especially businesswomen, in various commercial and economic activities and events at the local, regional and international levels, with the support of the leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The MOU is signed on the 7th April 2021 in Manama Bahrain.

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