Hujan Asset Management, a private asset management firm managing high net worth of assets worldwide with offices in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific and headquarters in London at the end of Q3 closed a large funding agreement with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) royals for $36 billion. 

Hujan Asset Management has been in long negotiations with royal authorities from GCC for a large funding round to provide capital for international project development within all mainstream industries. Hujan Asset Management has strong network and access in international markets and an excellent research and development network enabling the firm to gather the most profitable and most intriguing businesses from the world. 

GCC has been investing and still is investing their sovereign wealth into international markets. Years ago, Masayoshi Son went to Saudi Arabia for funding and closed a $45 billion investment round. Now, Hujan Asset Management closed $36B once again from the Gulf, and once again the money is aimed for financing projects in international markets.

Hujan Asset Management has many divisions worldwide in many different countries. The firm has been private for over a decade while managing assets worth of $7 billion; now the strategy is changing and the firm is going towards publicity and awareness; this way trying to attract more valuable projects towards its path.

Hujan Asset Management is heavily investing into technology, real estate, renewable energy, health, corporate professional services industry, media, commodities industry, financial sector, natural resources and many other subcategories of mainstream industries.

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